Dead Rising 3 Gameplay

Well hot damn, this game looks phenomenal. Check out the latest Dead Rising 3 gameplay video below!

Just when I thought the zombie genre was dying out, and we could move onto something else, here comes Dead Rising 3. This Xbox One exclusive title is leaps and bounds superior to their previous games, boasting no load times, a huge open world that is bigger than all of their previous games combined, and a huge amount of new weapons.

This gory open world adventure is without a doubt my most anticipated exclusive title on the next-gen consoles. For those of you worrying about Dead Rising losing it’s wackiness, don’t worry about that. This trailer shows off your character wearing a mankini whilst chopping through a zombie in online multiplayer. This video documentary showcases some of the cool new features that have been put into development in this title including some of the Kinect integration. God damn, this game looks good.