DayZ Standalone Alpha Update - Still No Release Date Set

It’s been a while since we have had an update about the DayZ Standalone Alpha, with estimated release dates and leaked footage being thrown about all over the place, Rocket took some time to do a very brief, Q&A style update over on the DayZ mod forums, just to keep us all updated.

In the update, Rocket stated: ” we moved to a much more structured approach and July was a major internal milestone for us. This milestone gets reviewed next week, and the results of that review will be released as a devblog. This will give more information to everyone about where the project is at and where it is going.” This being the reason for the lack of Dev blogs.

The good news is that development has continued at a fast pace. Rocket cleared up speculation over the release for the DayZ Standalone Alpha by writing “There is no set release date. When an alpha candidate passes it’s milestone review, it will be released.”

So unfortunately there is still no release date for the public alpha, but it looks like we will have a much better and well rounded game in the long run. We are looking forward to DayZ SA just as much as the next guy, so stay tuned for more updates as Rocket stated that next week we will be fully briefed on the current milestone and the steps from there onwards.

You can check out the full post here

Doesn’t that just get your excited for the standalone?