Cube World Paid Alpha to be Launched Soon

ITS HERE, Yes it’s true if you haven’t already guessed by the title of this article, the much anticipated game`Cubeworld’ has arrived. At the moment it’s in paid closed alpha but we already know so much, and from what I have seen so far, one thing is for sure it deserves to be game of the year.

How it all began

Back in June 2011, A German man named Wolfram von Funck (a.k.a Wollay) chose to start developing a game as a hobby and on his website he speaks about how Zelda, world of Warcraft and many other games have been his inspiration. The game will be set within a procedurally generated world with glorious, colourful and Voxel-based graphics. Sarah von Funck (a.k.a pixxie) Wollay’s wife joined the development process in 2012 and talks of releasing the Alpha demo have already started.  The alpha will be available for a lower price than the beta version and the final version. Updates are free and will hopefully release on a regular basis. As of now windows is the only supported platform however in the future they hope to be able to release the game on Mac OS and consoles. When reviewing a game which is yet to be released there is much that is hidden, but also in this case there is also much to be said which is surprising for such a young game. Cubeworld has been designed in such a way that you cant help feel nostalgic, it has so many components which remind me of those classic games that it makes me want to play it that little bit more. I love how they have taken great parts from great games and combined them into this wonderful masterpiece, it`s pure genius.

Cubeworld landscape


Customisation, Races & classes

In the beginning you start of designing your character which in itself is a fun activity. You can`t customize your character body to much but there is a wide selection of races to choose from. The races include Human, Elf, Dwarf, Frogmen, lizard men, Orcs, Goblins and undeads with more to be released soon. The game has a very unique weapon customization feature, it allows you to take one of your weapons and basically design how it looks by fixing cubes to it. Different cubes with different stats can be fitted and you can really customize your character. At the moment there are four classes to choose from and each class has 2 sub-classes which you can freely switch between at any moment and independently level up. The classes are Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Rogue. If we take a look at the Warrior you will see that it’s two sub-classes are Guardian and the very cool sounding name berserker.  Both sub-classes can wield one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons and shields. Depending on your play-style you can choose which sub-class to predominantly play. The berserker is a crazed maniac, hitting his enemies faster and harder than most other classes, leaving his enemies over whelmed and unable to defend themselves. If you prefer a more tactical approach than you may like the guardian class. The Guardians have increased health and the ability to evade stun attacks and block with any weapon, while the blocking ability is helpful all the time it will really prove useful when doing those dungeon runs and leveling. When leveling, each gained level gives skill points which players can assign to a skill tree. There are class specific skills like attacks or spells, and common skills like climbing, hang gliding, or pet riding.


Adventure skills

Once you have chosen your race, class and your play style you may think that’s it but your wrong, in Cubeworld there are another 5 adventure skills in which you can increase if you wish. They include Climbing, Swimming, Hand gliding, Sailing and Diving. The Adventure skills are pretty self explanatory. Although not an essential they  will give you that edge and the advantage you need to make your character stronger.  For example players with a higher climbing level will be able to hold onto vertical walls and climb for longer, this means you have an advantage over those who have a lower stamina level than you, as they wont be able to climb as well and for as long.

Climbing in Cubeworld

Climbing in Cubeworld


Mounts and Pets

As well as fighting side-by-side with you buddies, the game offers a chance for you to have a pet. Different pets are better at different things and its best to find the right one for your play style. Pets can be tanks, mounts, melee attackers, ranged attackers and healers. If your a ranged attacker like a ranger or mage than the likely hood is you will have a tanking pet, tanking pets are best at holding aggro and keep the focus off your character. If your a warrior than you will go for a pet which can hit harder so your overall damage is increased. Pets include terriers, collies, sheep, horses and many more. There are also rare pets with unique abilities and looks. Wollay has also spoken of introducing an ability in which pets will evolve after a period of time.


Creatures, Monsters and leveling

Obviously like any RPG game a big part of the game is the creatures and monsters you come across, whether they are bosses or weaker creatures to level grind. In Cubeworld there is already a large amount of enemies for you too find, kill or be completely annihilated by. As you explore you may come across patrols, these are groups of hostile NPC’s which will try and kill you. They will be a mixture of classes and races. As well as that you will also come across raging yeti’s and other freakishly large killing machines, that want nothing more but to crush you. Monsters include Trolls, Undeads, Liches, golems, mammoths, saurians and much more. Excited yet? There is more…

Hand-Gliding in Cubeworld

Hand-Gliding in Cubeworld

Dungeons, overworld dungeons and missions

Every start of a Cube World day new missions become available. Missions can either be dungeons to complete or huge boss monsters to kill; in return the players get rewards. Valuable rewards for completing a mission include weapons, Armour and platinum coins. Platinum coins can be used to upgrade weapons and Armour. The idea is if a player likes a land he can basically stay forever in that land and just do daily missions. Dungeons are randomly located and weaved into the world, they contain stronger enemies which are harder to defeat but in return they give rarer loot. Players can solo dungeons or use friends and team work to over power the enemies. Often the enemies have an advantage over you with quantity, but as I was always taught quality over quantity. Dungeons occur in different forms, such as castles, ruins, temples, pyramids, and catacombs. Apart from that, there are overworld dungeons, which are less structured and consist of disconnected buildings.

Items, Crafting and portals

Depending on your class you can craft your character weapons and armor. To make weapons for your character you have to interact with tools and anvils, For example warriors can craft axes, swords, maces, and shields. If you want to craft armour it works exactly the same with warriors crafting iron gloves and more. Players can also craft jewellery, potions with alchemy, cook food and increase weapon stats by adding cubes and customising them. In the future they would like to add artifacts which will allow you to create an object once you have collected so many. Vanity items which offer you nothing in the means of stats but look good and let you really customize your character will soon be added along with more crafting formulas and race-specific headgear.

Cubeworld Multiplayer

Cubeworld Multiplayer


Multiplayer features

This is probably one of the most exciting parts of the game. While it’s amazing that the game works offline and is single player, you also have a few multiplayer features to have a play around with. LAN is the most obvious option I feel, but I think most people will use Privates servers. Private servers are available so you can host your own server and your friends can join you. You can play co-cooperatively with up to four people in a co-op game and if that wasn’t enough they’re also going to try and introduce an MMO server. They are only going to introduce the MMO server if it doesn’t affect game play balance and performance, so only time will tell.     Much more information is available online and on twitter, so if you want to go and see the game for yourself, visit the Official website: .  (Warning -The game is not for download yet, don’t be fooled by fake downloads.-)


Written by Ethan Gordon