Cube World Alpha Review - It’s nothing like Minecraft

I’m going to be honest, the first time I had ever heard of a game called Cube World was when one of our writers published an article about the alpha. I took a quick look at it, and regrettable, hugely overlooked it. I thought a game which looks like Minecraft and is voxel-based, but doesn’t allow you to build and destroy, is going to get boring pretty quickly. Then when the alpha launched, I began to notice a lot of hype surrounding the game, so I did some further research, and decided it was something I probably wouldn’t enjoy. My thoughts were I would rather battle enemies, complete quests, craft and explore in Skyrim than in some cube-world equivalent.

I have been left eating those words, thanks to a game which has given me an immense amount of fun in just a few hours, and those hours will turn into days, trust me. I don’t think I have ever been quite so surprised before. Those who have been following the game from its very humble beginnings would have known what it was about, and rightfully were extremely excited.

If you are still unaware of this marvelous game called “Cube World”, it’s basically an open-world RPG where you explore in an infinite world, complete quests, kill enemies, craft weapons and armor, explore dungeons and ruins, ride mountable pets and battle bosses, all in a voxel-based world. It is possible to build houses, but you need blueprints. You can’t just “mine” the world for blocks. You have Minecraft for that, and now, I am so grateful Cube World didn’t go down that route. Cube World knows what it is about, but sadly I think other people don’t know, and I will put myself in that bracket, before I bought the game anyway.

Many of us have gotten used to playing fast-paced, beautiful games, however Cube World is a refreshing experience, balancing fun and challenging gameplay together into seamless experience. It is developed by just two people, Wollay, and his wife. You will see a lot of inspiration in the game from many other classics, including Minecraft, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Monster Hunter, Diablo and World of Warcraft. It has taken the best parts of all of these and thrown them into one, magical potion.



There are four classes to choose from, Warrior, Ranger Rogue and Mage, with 8 beautifully designed races. These range from Humans, Elves and Goblins to Frogmen, Lizardmen and Undeads.

As for the game-play itself, there is only word to describe it. FUN! I spent several hours trekking across the world with some friends, the world of which I have only discovered a small fraction, and not once did I feel bored. We spent that time battling all different kinds of enemies we came across, from Witches and Goblins, to Skull Bull’s and Fire Beetles. In that time I only got to level 7, which doesn’t seem like a lot for that time, and would appear a lot of grinding is involved to level up. I have played MMO’s where grinding is a chore, not a pleasure. Leveling in Cube World is a pleasure, no doubt about it. You always feel as though you are improving, becoming more powerful and a better player.

If you have friends to play with, there is nothing like teamwork helping to defeat a Nomad who is crazily more powerful than anyone in the group. But with teamwork, you can defeat him and gobble up that XP. If your an adventurer, then Hand-Gliding , Diving, Sailing, Swimming or even Climbing may be up your street. You will come across villages throughout your journey, which will allow you to rest, craft, learn skills and buy anything from crafting material, armor or weapons to potions and blueprints.



And what amazes me even more, is that Cube World only just entered Alpha! Sure there are instability issues at times, but on the whole, it is very polished for a game at the beginning of its life cycle. When Minecraft entered alpha, there were only a handful of things you could do. In Cube World, there are literally hundreds.

I now feel stupid for spending so much time on the game’s website, looking at the features and weighing up if it was for me. I was convinced I would get bored, but in a dash of genius, I bought it. I haven’t looked back once, and I’m confident you won’t either. It can be enjoyed by virtually anyone. If you can get beyond the voxel-based look of the game and appreciate the game for the features it has, you will spend hours and hours lost in the world of Cube World. It’s nothing like Minecraft, and it doesn’t want to be. They are both amazing games in their own right, but for a game in Alpha, all I can say is the sky is the limit.

On the surface, Cube World is a very simple game, but under the hood it is a complex and feature rich experience, one which I would recommend to any gamer, no matter what your preferred genre is.

If you are interested in Cube World still, but unsure whether to take the leap of faith and buy it, I can only suggest watching some YouTube videos and checking out the feature list and what is planned on the website here.