Create your own Space Program with the Kerbal Space Program!

Ever wanted to create your own space program and discover the outer reaches of the universe? Thankfully, Kerbal Space Program gives players the opportunity to do just that. It doesn’t just send players into space though, it launches them in style! The objective is to build your space program from very humble beginnings into one which is flourishing. At it’s heart, it is a sandbox game, with no objectives present in-game. However the aim is to build a successful space program and discover the solar system. You are free to build whatever spacecraft your heart desires and try to take them to the outer planets and moons of the solar system. While still in heavy development, Kerbal Space Program first went public in June 2011 with the public Alpha, however it has been improving at a steady pace ever since and is now even on Steam as part of their early access program.



The Solar System in which Kerbal Space Program offers you to explore is similar to our own. You will be able to recognize many of the planets as some are similar to the ones you might expect to see in our solar system. However the “Earth” which you call home is named Kerbin. One of the features however which jumps out to you is the realistic flight simulation, which incorporates realistic physics to help ensure that your spacecraft take-off and fly as realistically as possible. Oh and crash properly. That’s important!

Not only is the flight simulation realistic, but also orbital physics out in the solar system are featured. This really helps add another level and experience to the whole game. Atmospheres are included, as well as the different forces at work during re-entry. I’m no scientist, but I know that by seeing these in action, they are done are very well.

Since KSP allows you to create virtually any spacecraft your heart desires, with the tools available of course, chances are some of your designs won’t work as well as some others. But others however will work surprising well. I was taken back by just how much customization and choice you get. If you are creative, you will absolutely love spending hours trying to come up with the most effective design. Every part has it’s own function, so it’s important you try and apply some logic to your designs, otherwise you won’t ever experience lift off. You can choose between various scientific equipment to help aid you, as well as the ability to add docking support, allowing your ships to land. When selecting your components, it’s surprisingly easy to attach them to your craft. They snap into position with ease and elegance.



Once you have created your ultimate spacecraft, it’s time to pick your crew and send them on their way! You can also choose to take this crew out of your ship to allow them to perform extra vehicular activities before putting them back on the ship. The buildings which allow you to make your space adventure a reality all look well polished and modeled. However at present the land surrounding your center is empty, however I’m sure with time this space will be filled to make it look more appealing. That’s the great things about these projects as that they are always improving, resulting in a much better “final” product.

Some of the planned features for Kerbal include the addition of missions which will attract interest in your space program giving you added benefits. You will also have the option to create your own missions. You will also be able to manage your space program in more areas, such as conducting research and improving components to hiring and training astronauts to give better flights. And once you manage to leave the safety of Kerbin, you will be able to build space stations and surface bases on other planets.

If your interested in following this awesome project and learning more information, head to their official website at It is available on Steam for £17.99. This grants you access to all future updates and full release.

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