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Contagion Q&A

Contagion released as early access on Steam October 25th, and after playing the game, we contacted the developers of Contagion with some questions we had about the game, that im sure you all want to know. If your unaware of what Contagion is, you can check out the preview here.

Q. Custom Mobile Backgrounds/RingtonesContagion_PD_Concept01
A. We do indeed plan to allow users to create their own backgrounds without having to mod existing files. Unfortunately Ringtones will only play for the client and not for other users. There are plans to resolve this with Steamworkshop. Currently we do have Kickstarter Exclusive ringtones that play for all to hear and hope to get original content out there for the community in the future.

Q. Full Release Date?
A. We have a general idea but until this is sorted with Valve we do not currently have a date. Course when you say Final we want to be clear, we still plan to support the game with fresh content and polish/improvements/more afterwards which can be seen as updates or dlc but free.

Q. 2 Characters hiddencontagion.
A. Ryan and Lawrence are now available and were hidden until we sorted out a few updates on them. Ryan the merc and Lawrence the cook with a past. We plan to release another 8 characters in 2014 in 2 separate packs.

Q. Will there be strictly PvE (AI Zombies only)?
A. This is not planned but server owners will have quite a bit of control in the near future and when we release the SDK we expect the community to create all sorts of crazy things. Player Zombies are a big party of the game.

Hello, fellow gamers! My name is Marius Dyhre and im 21 years old and i'm from Norway, i have been playing video games since the first GTA on playstation and my first computer game was red alert. I am currently attending game design classes and i hope to be making my very own game in the near future, but untill then i will review and preview some fantastic games. See you out there!

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