Why console gaming isn’t dying and neither is PC

Over the past couple of years, predominantly this year, there has been speculation that console gaming is on its way down while PC gaming is on its way up. The argument about which is better (PC or console) has been going on longer than I care to remember. Moreover, it had looked like the critics were right. Without having to pay a monthly fee and the fact that most games were on both PC and console , it looked like the PC would one day gain enough firepower to overcome consoles and end them forever. Until E3 came along.

E3 has always offered us a great insight into upcoming games and the gameplay that comes with it. However, this year it was the turn of the consoles. Both PS4 and Xbox one offered us an extensive preview of how games are going to run on the next gen consoles. I was impressed with how a lot of the games looked and the fact that many would be console exclusives made us question whoever said that consoles were dying. For instance, ‘RYSE’ and ‘The order 1886’ will both be exclusives for Xbox one and PS4. (With RYSE being for the Xbox one and The order 1886 for PS4) Both, in my opinion, created enough hype to forget about the silly squabbles of which is better and who’s got the longest lifespan. Furthermore, with the fact that some powerhouse games such as ‘The division’ and ‘Destiny’  not announcing whether they will becoming to PC or not, it secured enough people to go out and pre-order one of the next gen consoles. So much in fact that Amazon had its record smashed for most pre-orders. Reports stated that the consoles were being pre-ordered at 2500 a minute.

Although the consoles weren’t exactly pleasing on the eyes; they provided me with enough excitement to go out and pre-order a PS4. I’m not going to start the debate on which console is better. All I’ll say is that I’m a 360 user moving to PS4. Now, even though I’ve pre-ordered a PS4 it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me from playing my PC. The whole argument has no place in the gaming world. Both PC and console have their own equal ground in the market, but it’s the immature gamers from both sides that can bring a bad name to both platforms. I equally enjoy both. If I feel like playing Guild Wars 2, I’ll go play it on my PC. If I feel like playing Skate 3, I’ll go play it on my 360. It’s as simple as that; but unfortunately we seem to be unable to leave it at that. It’s a shame really.

Overall, we can comfortably confirm that console gaming is, in fact, not dying. It’s far from dying. We can also confirm that PC gaming will still continue to thrive and have brilliant games readily available for it. The fact that this was actually called into question is outrageous and only fuels the platform wars more. Gaming is meant to be enjoyed no matter what platform; it’s not to be argued about. One day we may settle our differences and call a truce, but for now the war seems to linger on. However, there’s one thing we all agree on and it’s that, no matter what the console, we all love games.


Published by Jozef Wotawa