Chroma: A Musical/Rhythm FPS Revealed by Harmonix

“Just crazy enough to work” seems appropriate here.

The rhythm and musical game juggernaut Harmonix, alongside Hidden Path Entertainment, has revealed their latest title: Chroma

Chroma is an ambitious first person shooter that combines all the standard tropes of the genre including multiple guns, classes, loadouts, modes, etc, with music/rhythm based gameplay akin to what you might find in Harmonix’s more traditional games like Rock Band.

At the beginning of every match a song starts playing. This song is key to virtually everything you do in Chroma. In order to be successful, listening to the beat and performing your actions (gunfire, movement, dashing, and such) in line with it are key to success. Firing your weapons on beat will offer damage bonuses and such. Your dash movement will last longer when performed right on beat. Other advantages and power-ups can be afforded for the player provided they play within the rhythm of the music.


Some information regarding each of the game’s classes has been revealed:

- Assault: This is the most basic class and requires the least use of game’s rhythm mechanics for success. It carries a submachine and a grenade launcher into combat. Interesting tid-bit, the grenade won’t detonate until the music’s downbeat.
- Engineer: This class requires paying very close attention to the music and rhythm. It carries twin pistols which must be fired on beat and a shotgun. Firing on beat for extended periods of time will offer significant damage bonuses.
- Sneak: Chroma’s version of the scout class carries a pistol and a sniper rifle into combat. Firing your rifle right on beat will result in a one hit kill.
- Support: This class carries a healing ray gun into battle and can even deploy shields and such.
- Tank: A very slow-moving class has high defense and health. It uses a rocket launcher as its primary weapon. If you press fire on beat once a rocket as been launched, it becomes a homing missile.

As of now, Chroma is only confirmed for PC. It will also be using a free-to-play model where you can purchase new music, weapons, modes, and such. Harmonix has made it very clear they do no want this to be a “pay to win” kind of game.

A public beta is expected later this year while a release window was not provided due to the game still being quite a ways off.

Look for more information on Chroma as it’s made available.

Source: *IGN