Deadpool PS4/Xbox One Review

by Ian Cooperon November 26, 2015
Time to see some chimichangas! The merc with the mouth is back and all you guys who don’t know who I mean, I mean Deadpool. The only superhero who has to have an 18 certificate attached to his cake hole. All he cares about is things that go bang, things that go “ching ching” and […]

Star Wars Battlefront Review

by Ian Cooperon November 21, 2015
There I am, crouched in deep forestry on the planet Endor, blaster fire everywhere I look. In the distance I can see my Rebel comrades toe to toe with the Imperial scum. I pick a few off to provide assistance. Then BOOM! I am dead! No warning. I didn’t even see it coming. Then I’m […]

Razer Diamondback and Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma Review

by Ian Cooperon November 19, 2015
Razer is formidable in the world of gaming. This small team has grew into something of a phenomenon, more so with PC gamers as their range of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets are extensive. I had the pleasure to try out and give my opinion on Razer’s Diamondback gaming mouse and the Blackwidow Tournament Edition […]

ps mag

Jump To Gamer Retro Rag Review – Official UK PlayStation Magazine: Issue #39

by Michael Fitzgeraldon November 16, 2015
  Jump To Gamer is a way for me to get away from just looking solely at individual games and look more at wider themes and issues. Back before the true rise of the internet, a lot of people still got most of their news from actual paper publications. The amount of magazines devoted to […]

Fallout 4 Review

by Ian Cooperon November 13, 2015
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains my favorite game of all time. It was Bethesda at their very best. It had a massive world, loads to do and see and lots to find and use. So too had Fallout 3 and New Vegas, although they didn’t capture me like Skyrim did, they were phenomenal games. […]

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

by Ian Cooperon November 10, 2015
There is no mistaking that Crystal Dynamics has took its first Lara Croft escapade and capitalized on it in almost every way creating a true classic whilst at the same time launching Lara up there with the greatest gaming protagonist of our time. Rise of the Tomb Raider shows us a fully established Lara Croft. […]

Need for Speed

Need For Speed Review

by Ian Cooperon November 9, 2015
After a whopping 21 games and a surprisingly successful movie, the Need For Speed franchise returns in an attempt to reboot the series and bring it back to its underground roots. Developers Ghost decided that the long running successful franchise needed renewing and so we have this simply titled Need For Speed. What do you […]