5 Minute News – 1st March

by Carson Doyleon March 1, 2014
Emphasisonthethe returns with what might be our most explicit 5 Minute News, and perhaps our most explicit content to ever grace JumpToGamer. No seriously, I blame South Park – what a bad influence that has had on poor Emphasis. Just kidding, he’s always been like this. On today’s agenda, Elder Scrolls Online, The Walking Dead Season […]


5 Minute News – 24th February

by Carson Doyleon February 24, 2014
Emphasisonthethe returns with his latest episode of 5 Minute News, JumpToGamer’s weekly round up of the most important news and information to happen in the past week. This week, Sony’s worries about PS4 stock and the closure of Irrational Games, the creator of Bioshock. Let us know what you think, we love to hear from you, […]


5 Minute News – 17th February

by Carson Doyleon February 17, 2014
And we’re finally back with our Emphasisonthethe’s ‘weekly’ 5 Minute News round up. Due to personal commitments we missed the round up last week, and due to technical issues this week’s roundup is even more delayed. We’re gonna get this down eventually, promise… Regardless, please enjoy Emphasisonthethe’s delightful opinions on Sonic Boom, Titanfall (not releasing […]

5 Minute News – 3rd February

by Stefan Richingson February 3, 2014
After a few technical delays, we finally have a new video format 5 Minute News! So here’s Emphasisonthethe with his weekly update on all the important news stories you may have missed last week! We’re testing out new formats for our media and looking to make advances in our site, so please feel free to […]

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5 Minute News – 26th January

by Stefan Richingson January 26, 2014
Emphasisonthethe returns with this weeks 5 Minute News – our weekly round up of news! If you’d like to know EXACTLY what Emphasis was talking about in the beginning of this news roundup, keep your Eyes and Ears peeled for our *fanfare* first ever JTG Podcast! Coming to a website near you very soon. If […]

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5 Minute News – January 18th

by Stefan Richingson January 18, 2014
Emphasisonthethe returns with his weekly update of the news in our 5 Minute News! Listen as he discusses our two favourite consoles again and Valve’s newest updates to it’s plans on Steam Greenlight. Also, keep an eye out for a full podcast with Emphasisonthethe and some of our other JumpToGamer writers, as that should be […]

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5 Minute News – January 11th

by Stefan Richingson January 11, 2014
Emphasisonthethe is back for another week of our 5 minute new round-up. He discusses the next game from the creators of Left4Dead, the upcoming beta of Elder Scrolls Online and some perhaps controversial opinions on one of the two new consoles…   DISCLAIMER: We would like to emphasis that all opinions in this 5 Minute […]

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5 Minute News – January 4th

by Stefan Richingson January 5, 2014
It’s a new year, and a brand new 5 minute news! Emphasisonthethe brings you our weekly 5 minute update on all of gamings most interesting and controversial news of the last week! The sound file is open for downloads, so feel free to download directly from Soundcloud! Listen to Emphasis as he discusses the troubles […]