Capcom Not Abandoning XBox 360, PS3 Just Yet

As the paradigm shift trends to the XBox One and PlayStation 4, one company still has faith in the previous gaming consoles abilities.

Katsuhiko Ichii, director and executive corporate officer of Capcom’s consumer games business, stated the company has no plans to drop support for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, despite the heavy barrage and push towards the XBO and PS4.

“Past experience shows that there is a set transition period before the market makes the switch to next-gen consoles.”

“In light of this fact, we definitely intend to continue releasing titles for the consoles already out on the market.”

It seems Capcom is definitely still looking out for users without the resources necessary to purchase a next-gen system, but is also looking into investing funds into next-gen technology.

“The first thing we’ve done is made Panta Rhei, a game development engine for next-gen consoles, ready for practical use.”

“We’re now developing Deep Down for PlayStation 4, which will be the first title made with this engine.”

Hopefully, this new game development engine can help Capcom bounce back from an abysmal loss of not only money, but consumers with this new game engine as well as games developed with the engine.

In a Q&A, Ichii answered many concerns brought to him in an interview some time last year, one of those being the practice of DLC, which is downloadable content or in some consumers’ eyes with Capcom’s reputation, disc-locked content.

“The major part of our future strategies will entail handling DLC and providing support for a sustainable business. Capcom has built up a wealth of expertise through the development of mobile and PC online games. We are working hard to share this experience within the development of titles for game consoles. These efforts have set off a chemical reaction, so to speak, inside the company. Though the end results of this reaction might not be readily apparent, we’re confident they’ll come to the forefront in the next few years.”

While Capcom has a headstrong plan to move towards the future and possibly gain back some of its consumer base, they have a long way to go in order to prove to many that they can be the Capcom of old.

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