You can’t make Xbox One play Xbox 360 games, so don’t even bother attempting!

An image has surfaced online with instructions on how to make your Xbox One backwards compatible and allow you to play your 360 games on your new console. The instructions suggest that you can do so via Xbox One’s developer tool menus, but not only is it impossible to do and a complete waste of time, but you could also brick your Xbox One.

Earlier this week, the input to allow you to access the Xbox One’s developer menus emerged, allowing gamers to use their consoles for game creation. Along with that though, someone somewhere thought it would be funny to try and teach people how to make their Xbox One backwards compatible. As to how many people would actually try this, we don’t know.


Just to reiterate the fact that doing the above will not work, Major Nelson posted on Twitter just to make sure people weren’t stupid enough to attempt to follow the instructions.

“To be clear there is no way to make your Xbox One backwards compatible & performing steps to attempt this could make your console inoperable”.

In fact, it’s best to just stay clear of the Xbox One development tools unless you know what you are doing. No one wants a non-working Xbox One now do they? Although it is questionable as to why Microsoft left it in in the first place, but it is common sense not to mess with something you know nothing about. Afterall, Microsoft have always stated that the Xbox One IS NOT backwards compatible.