Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

The latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise showed off it’s newest multiplayer features today in what was an hour long presentation of what we can expect to see in Activision’s entrance to the next generation, focusing on your player, dynamic maps and clans. 

The Call of Duty franchise may take a lot of stick for being repetitive, and many mocked Infinity Ward when they claimed to be revolutionising the Call of Duty franchise, but it does appear that they really are trying to do so with Call of Duty Ghosts. The Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal did show a lot of improvements to the multiplayer gameplay that Call of Duty fans both current and past have been calling for in the franchise for a long time, and it’s great to finally see these improvements happening. This includes character customisation, more weapons, better movement, new game modes and a much cleaner HUD. Let’s take a look at some of these improvements to the franchise that Infinity Ward and Activision so proudly showed off in their presentation.

The Player

Character customisation is finally coming to Call of Duty in Ghosts, will Infinity Ward claiming to have over 20,000 combinations for your character, including being able to play as a female soldier in this game. Alongside this, Infinity Ward have claimed that there will be 80% new weapons in their arsenal this time around, alongside improved perk and killstreak systems - taking from both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2. This will utilise a points system similar to the Black Ops 2 ten item loadout for perks and weapons, whilst bring back different kinds of strike packages for killstreaks as was included in Modern Warfare 3. Semi-automatic rifles have been added as a new class of weapon named “Marksman Rifles” to bridge the gap between Sniper Rifles and Assault weapons.

Character movement also seems to be much more intuitive with auto-leaning mechanics being included into the game when in certain situations, as well as the ability to vault over terrain and slide across the ground whilst still being able to fire your gun. Some other improved gameplay aspects include a much cleaner HUD when playing and a dual-rendering system for scopes that allow you to maintain your peripheral vision whilst using the scope.

They also detailed the new ‘Squads’ system, which allows you to create 10 soldiers in your squad, with each being able to prestige once - this will be the prestige system for Ghosts. 10 soldiers with one prestige each in your squad will give you a maximum of 10 prestiges. This ‘Squads’ mode certainly looks interesting, providing you with some co-op and versus features for multiplayer such as a ‘Survival Mode’ and ‘Squad vs Squad’.

Some other new game modes worth taking a look at are ‘Cranked’ and ‘Search and Rescue’. In ‘Cranked’, you are given 30 seconds after you get a kill to get another before your player explodes - certainly something that will give provide some fast paced gameplay that will be hell for campers. ‘Search and Rescue’ is an interesting new take on the classic ‘Search and Destroy’ that allows you to revive your teammates and eliminate your opposition by collecting their dropped tags on death.

Dynamic Maps

Ghosts finally brings more excitement to the maps, by adding some destructive areas that will certainly “add another level of strategy to the game”. It’s certainly an interesting concept to have buildings that will collapse in a Call of Duty map due to the overall size of a Call of Duty map and hopefully this will be something that is very thoroughly implemented throughout every single map in the game. It would be incredibly frustrating to have this technology and see it used in only a couple of areas of a map once per game - i’d really like to see this used in various ways throughout the whole map, even if it makes just some areas of cover being made destructible.

Clan Play

It’s good to see Ghosts pick up where Black Ops 2 left off with eSports and truly competitive play, as I felt that Black Ops 2 never really lived up to what they were claiming in this area - hopefully Ghosts will really provide a much more open and popular set of competitive matches with their clan mode in this game. They’re certainly heading in the right direction, and hopefully we’ll see some developments to bring this sort of gameplay to the masses, rather than just the few die hard Call of Duty fans.

So have Infinity Ward brought you back to the Call of Duty franchise with Ghosts? Will this be your FPS of choice on the next gen? Or is it too little, too late for Call of Duty? Are there simply not enough changes to drag you away from the likes of Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and Destiny? Let us know in the comments below!


Stefan Richings