Call of Duty: Ghosts launch sales down 50% compared to Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Ghosts sales are down 50% in the UK during it’s launch week compared to last year’s Black Ops 2. However it is not alone in facing a decline in sales, with both Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV sales being down 69 and 60 per cent respectively over the previous titles in the series. However despite the decline in the sales, Ghosts entered the UK charts at number 1 and is so far the third biggest launch in 2013, behind to GTA V and FIFA 14.

It has also been revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts has sold more copies on PS4 than Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 did on PS3, despite the PS4 sales only making up 3% of overall Ghosts sales. The PS4 version also sold more than the PC and WiiU versions, which is a remarkable stat considering gamers won’t be able to play Ghosts on PS4 until this Friday in NA, and November 29 in Europe.

With the above titles launching so close to the next-gen games, that can most definitely be considered a reason for the decline, as is shown by FIFA 14 having a larger gap between the release of next-gen, only seeing a 24% drop compared to FIFA 13.

The biggest test however will be how many sales these games make on Xbox One and PS4 before it can be declared that gamers are losing interest in the franchises. But it is a worrying statistic considering that a lot of gamers will not be upgrading at launch for games to suffer a 50%+ decline in sales, however it is hard to gauge just how many gamers are staying put with current-gen for the foreseeable future or whether they are putting off buying the new releases to save money for next-gen.

Come Christmas, we will have a good idea of how Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV and FIFA 14 have performed, and whether or not gamers have become fed up with franchises which are yearly iterations (excluding Battlefield 4).


Source: *MCV