Bloodborne “Game Of The Year” Edition Announced

Before there is any official word on whether Bloodborne will win any “Game of the Year” awards Sony has announced that they will be releasing a Bloodborne “Game of the Year” edition. In this bundle there will be “The Old Hunters” DLC and the original game. The announcement comes as a shock since no major news network or award giving member has announced a definitive “Game of the Year” especially since there are still much anticipated games yet to be released (Fallout and Battlefront are among them).

The bundle will be available in Europe starting on November 25th but there is no official word when it will be coming to the Americas.

Rather than a “Game of Year” edition the Bloodborne bundle could have been packaged another way that was less self-anointing but maybe Sony knows something that we don’t? Nevertheless Bloodborne is a great game that should do very well this year getting awards from major companies but will it be getting game of the year awards from most? I highly doubt it.