Big Game Sale at Toys R’ Us

Looking for some good deals on big titles right now? Toys R’ Us is currently having a big game sale on a wide range of 360, PS3, and 3DS titles. Buy one eligible game at full price, and you get a second one 40% off. Games that made the cut include Saints Row IV, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Splinter Cell Blacklist, The Last of Us, and many, many more.

While the advertisement does note that pre-order games are not included, it seems that they actually are allowing it, at least for the time being. No telling when the sale will end, so if you’re interested, get in there quickly! The sale also excludes Skylanders and DISNEY INFINITY, as those are having their own respective sale promotions, as well as Kid Icarus: Uprising and Starfox 64 3D.