Battlefield 4 PS4 bug is preventing 64-player online play

Various users have reported that their is a bug in the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 which is preventing 64-player online play. One example of this is bug is when players have attempted to join 64-player Conquest Large matches, which are then shown to be unavailable. The 64-player online capability of Battlefield 4is one of it’s biggest selling points for the next-gen version, alongside a 60FPS frame rate.

The bug has been recognised however by EA, who issued an update on it’s support site.

“We’re hearing reports that some players are unable to join 64-player matches in the Conquest game mode of Battlefield 4 for the PlayStation 4.

“Affected players attempt to join a 64-player Conquest server and then receive the error, ‘Connection to the Session has been lost’. Know that we’re actively investigating this issue and will provide updates as soon as possible.”

DICE, the developers of Battlefield 4, have also acknowledged the issues with the game on PS4 and have said that they hope to release a game update “early next week” which will fix the frequent crashing.