Battlefield 4 Banned in China

Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 has reportedly been banned in China by The Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China after EA released the latest DLC for the game, China Rising, stating that the First-Person Shooter threatens a new form of cultural invasion and that it endangers national security. posted a screenshot of the notice which was issued by The Ministry of Culture. In English it translates to:

Battlefield 4 is an illegal video game, with content that endangers national security. It is an aggressive attack on our culture. After the ban of Battlefield 4, we demand that all items related to the game — downloads, Raiders, patches and news — are to be deleted.

Users who search for the Chinese translation of Battlefield 4 on Weibo, China’s most popular social media site, will be met with a message stating, “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, ‘Battlefield 4′ search results are not displayed.” However some people are getting around this block by posting peer-to-peer download links of the game under its English names and acronym such as “BF4″.

Battlefield 4′s DLC China Rising released earlier this month and features four maps set across mainland China. It was widely criticized by Chinese media outlets for discrediting the country in the eyes of other countries, which they felt was a a new form of cultural penetration and aggression.

China has a history of banning video games due to their content, often ones which defame the Chinese government and army. It was only earlier this year that China lifted a 13 year ban on home gaming consoles. Although China hasn’t banned every game in which its government or army has been featured in, it would appear that their biggest issue with Battlefield 4 is that the game depicts an uprising  against the communist party, an area in which the Chinese Government is especially sensitive in.


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