Batman Arkham Origins - First Thoughts

As a lot of you may know EuroGamer has just passed and there was a bunch of good games there, many were a great joy to play, but the one game I was particularly interested in playing was Batman Arkham Origins, the third game in the Batman Arkham franchise. This game is set several years before the first Arkham game “Batman Arkham Asylum”. After waiting in a queue that felt like it lasted the whole expo, I was able to play short demo of the game which by the looks of it was a section of the story from the full game. As it was a demo there where a few bugs such as Batman’s cape glitching into his foot and that when he grappled onto a building ledge, he would go right through the edge of building, instead of climbing up.

But aside from all that, I must say it was a very enjoyable experience. The graphics looked nice and crisp and were definitely an impressive improvement to the last game (Batman Arkham City). The gameplay however felt very similar, but this is expected considering it’s made by the same people. Of course Batman still has his ninja-like fighting style, and I once again felt “bad ass’ when slamming two thugs’ heads together. As for sound quality, it doesn’t sound much different from the previous two, they have increased the bass a little bit, but that might have just been the headphones I was wearing at the time. There is one thing that I was sad to find out, is that Kevin Conroy is no longer doing the voice for Batman. This will be upsetting for all Batman fans as he was the voice in the animated series after all.


As I might of mentioned in my previous article on this game, Batman has a completely redesigned suit, which looks a lot like Christopher Nolan’s Suit from the “Dark Knight” franchise. It’s a darker shade of grey, and gives the impression that different parts of the suit come together to make the full build. You’ve also got a few more gadgets to play within the game, there was one in particular that I liked which is a gun that attaches your enemies to another object. I used this to attach thugs to explosive cans, which saved a lot of time and they had no idea I was there so I found myself addicted to it.

As I only played the demo I can’t really say a lot about the story and how it’s going to progress through the game, but it was obvious that Black Mask is going to be the main enemy in this game, I still stand by my opinion that Deathstroke will be the biggest threat to Batman but it’s nearly crystal clear that Deathstroke will be working for Black Mask to take the Bat down!

If the full game is even half as good as the demo then I will have no choice but to write a letter to Warned Bros Montreal congratulating them on the amazing job they’ve done on this years Batman game. I will be making sure to call in “sick” from college on the 25th October, and dedicate a whole day to this game and writing a review for it. I hope there’s someone reading this who is just as excited as I am so I don’t feel like such a fan boy. It’s also worth mentioning that I pre-ordered this game off Amazon for £30, so if I where you I would get your orders in before everyone else finds out.