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Is Playtime in Games Overrated?

by Michael Passalacquaon March 25, 2014
Everyone has at least one game they’ve poured their life into. Hours upon hours spent completing quests, grinding for unique items, and gaining that coveted 100% mark. Be honest, there’s nothing quite like noticing you’ve reached 100 hours with a game and still having more to do. But at what point does playtime matter? Should […]

Papers Please

Why Papers, Please is My Game of the Year

by Michael Passalacquaon December 22, 2013
I wait anxiously as I watch the immigrant walk out of my booth and into my native country of Arstotzka. I had crossed referenced her passport with her entry permit and made sure her vaccinations were up to date. Double checked that the passport and entry permit numbers synced up. I was confident that I […]


Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Review

by Michael Passalacquaon August 14, 2013
Player choice is something that made Dishonored such a special game when it released back in 2012. Being able to go about your mission objective in a permutation of ways was what made the game feel so unique. It was also something missing when The Knife of Dunwall released back in April. The missions seemed too […]


The Top 5 Things We Want to See in Fallout 4

by Michael Passalacquaon August 9, 2013
Fallout 4 seems like a long way off. With gaming conventions coming and going without any word and rumors being shot down left and right it’s difficult to see an announcement anywhere in the near future. We know its coming… eventually, but while our mouths water over anything Fallout related, let’s discuss 5 things that […]


The Elder Scrolls Anthology Announced

by Michael Passalacquaon August 2, 2013
Earlier today at QuakeCon, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls Anthology. The complete PC collection is compiled of every Elder Scrolls game to date. The Anthology will be released on September 10th for $79.99. Included in the collection is: The Elder Scrolls: Arena The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Morrowind DLC: Tribunal […]


The Best Video Game Character of All Time

by Michael Passalacquaon July 30, 2013
We’re friends right? We’ve known each other for a long time so I feel like I can be honest with you: I hated Cole Phelps at first. In fact, when LA Noire released back in 2011 I stopped playing for a month because of him. Part of its my fault, I didn’t go into the […]


Has Assassin’s Creed Gone Wrong?

by Michael Passalacquaon July 22, 2013
When the first Assassin’s creed released for consoles in 2007 the game didn’t fail to disappoint. The inherent repetitiveness of the mission structure and gameplay left many gamers wanting more. A game that clearly had so much potential didn’t live up to the expectations that the hype had brought it. Enter Assassin’s Creed II: a […]


Borderlands 2 Getting New DLC, Level Cap Increase

by Michael Passalacquaon July 21, 2013
That’s right ladies and gentlemen if you’ve played all there is to play in Borderlands 2 and it’s five current DLC packs there is more incoming for you. Gearbox confirmed at their PAX Australia panel today that the level cap will be increased by another 11 levels to 72, plus new missions and additional DLC […]