Audio Sneak Peek of New Epilogue in FFX/X-2 HD

In light of the upcoming release of the FFX/X-2 HD collection coming this Fall to the Playstation 3 and Vita, Square Enix has recently been hinting at new material that will be included somewhere within either game. In the latest issue of the Japan-based pop culture magazine Shounen Jump, Enix seemed to confirm that a new 30-minute cutscene, written by Kazushige Nojima, would take place during the credits of FFX-2. This alludes to a number of possibilities in terms of the story and its original ending.

The North American branch of Enix released a small audio teaser of this new cutscene on their YouTube account today. The first minute or two focuses on Tidus, though it doesn’t give away much at all other than reminiscence of his adventures with Yuna and her friends. That “scene” then fades into another with what sounds like a young woman thinking to herself about the construction of what sounds like a new blitzball stadium. She sounds eerily similar to Rikku at first, but interruption by a young man near the end dispels that thought (“Chuami”?)

So overall, the teaser doesn’t give us much to go on. Funny thing is, people seem to be more up in arms with each other about the pronunciation of Tidus’s name at the very end more than anything else. “Tie-dus” vs. “Tee-dus”. Take your pick.