Assassin’s Creed Modern Day Story

Warning: Spoilers in this Article

(All of this is my personal opinion and please don’t take what I say as fact!)

If you’re like me and have been with the Assassin’s Creed series from the start, you will know how important the modern day story is. I have nothing but love for Desmond’s story and it is the main reason why I have pre-ordered each game, without fail, every year. However, after finishing AC:3 back in November and having seen the new details and screenshots regarding the AC:4 modern day story, I can only help but feel somewhat disappointed with the direction Desmond’s story, and the modern day story as a whole, has been taken.

Now, I know there is certainly a collection of gamers out there who have no interest in the modern day story, and that’s fine, but in my opinion, I believe those who have complained about the modern day story have influenced the developers in the new direction of this story, with it now being ultimately ‘optional’ in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

When I first finished AC:2, I was breathless. It was the first time I’d been genuinely upset that I had completed a game, and it led to weeks of scouring the internet to find answers to the events I had just witnessed. The same can be said about AC: Brotherhood. The cliffhanger after AC: Brotherhood left the game in an amazing situation in regards to the modern day story.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft failed to fully capitalize on this. AC: Revelations was poor when you match it to its predecessors. The modern day story wasn’t so bad, and I enjoyed the character developments we witnessed in the Desmond character, certainly making him more relatable and giving him much more of a personality.

Like many other people, I had huge hopes for AC:3. With the most important hope being that the loose ends that had been left from the other games would be tied up. Boy, how wrong I was. The ending to AC:3 was disgraceful. The way in which Desmond, a character I’ve loved and grown with over the past five games, is just ended felt like a smack in the face. After that, I had lost all hope for the series.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the past story as much as I love the modern day story, but the modern day story gave it a purpose. They could have ended the series perfectly, and Assassin’s Creed could have gone down as one of the best stories of all time. However, now I don’t feel so sure. The story seems to be going in all sorts of different directions and I don’t think we’ll see any of the loose ends tied up anytime soon.

I’ve pre-ordered Black Flag (no matter how hard I tried to resist!), but I go into it this time a little reserved. The gameplay looks amazing, but so did AC:3 and we all know how that turned out. In my opinion, Ubisoft made a bad choice in listening to the people who moaned about the modern day story. Moreover, this has ultimately led to the modern day story never being able to reach its full potential and a full modern day Assassin’s Creed will just have to remain a fantasy for now.

Despite all this, I still can’t help shift the feeling of being excited, even if I do feel a little reserved. That’s one thing I can’t seem to shake. I’ve grown up with the series and no matter what, I’ll always see this as the best series of games I’ve had the privilege of playing. And in regards to that, I say thanks to Ubisoft for an amazing journey. A journey that is still not finished and I’ll not stop playing until it is.