Assassin s Creed, Hints To Future Titles?

Assassin s Creed has been around for a little while, and people have started noticing some potential Easter Eggs regarding the future of the series.

With the series now being pushed out annually, we can imagine all different kinds of directions that Ubisoft could take. Fortunately, however, Ubisoft seems to have done some imagining for us.

Most people are, by now, familiar with the email conversation regarding DNA taken from Subject 17 (Desmond Miles) and different eras his lineage has visited.


Ubisoft may have hinted a little bit harder at the possibility of ninjas, cowboys and even zombies! Here is a video that I, myself, captured after making the first important assassination and stealing a certain large ship:

So, there you have it. This series of screens featured on the in-game television are, clearly, a tongue-in-cheek joke about some type of video game award, but is it merely that, or is it a heavier nod to future possibilities? And the speculation continues….