Assassin’s Creed Unity/Rogue: Complete Preview

In 2007, Assassin’s Creed first appeared on our consoles. Every year since, in each new title we are introduced to new characters, storylines, abilities and gameplay features. This year, the franchise has entered new territory, releasing two new separate games on both current and next generation consoles. This 2 page preview should provide you with all the information you need to prepare you for the new adventures with new information fresh from Gamescom.





 Revolutionary Paris, 1789Paris

Completely new to the series, from the quaint alleyways of the city streets to the enormous Notre Dame, Paris looks like an extremely promising place to traverse and liberate. Seeing as the game revolves around the French Revolution, it could possibly be the busiest and most exciting location yet.




Arno Victor Dorian


Born into a privileged upbringing, Arno is a ruthless and charismatic new protagonist who has just gotten to the rank of a fully fledged Assassin.

His Assassin father was murdered when he was eight years old, which led to him being adopted by a senior Templar agent who knew of his father’s secrets. Out of respect to young Arno, he didn’t want to taint his memory of his deceased father, thus, he wasn’t recruited to the Templars. After his adopted father was killed under similar circumstances, Arno, as an adolescent, is filled with guilt and seeks redemption under the guidance of the Assassin Order.

Recently, it has been revealed that his adopted father had a daughter, Emilia, who was brought up as a Templar. From what has been seen, she seems to be Arno’s love interest, even though they are each in opposing factions, something rarely seen in Assassin’s Creed.

We play as him mainly in his early 20s, beginning his journey to uncover the truth.




Gadgets and Abilities


Phantom Blade Combat_Concept_147118

The Assassin Order in France have modified the original Hidden Blade, and combined the concept with the “Darts” of past games. This adds a firing mechanism that allows projectiles such as poison and berserk darts to be used swifter and more efficiently.


Eagle Pulse/Communal Sense

The Eagle Pulse is a newly introduced ability, there is a short burst where you see enemies, secrets and points of interest, but it fades away after a short interval. After Arno has matured his Assassin senses, he will be able to perform the Eagle Sense that has been used by all of his predecessors in the series. A third called Communal Sense will become available, where Arno can distribute the his Eagle Vision to fellow Assassins, allowing them to see up to a limited range.



Experience can be gained doing a number of activities(missions, assassinations, combat, etc), which can then be distributed to four individual specialties: Melee, Health, Ranged and Stealth, these can be used for you to craft Arno to who you want him to be, whether it’s an untouchable fighter, defensive tactician, expert navigator or lurker of the shadows, all of these can add up to make Arno a Master Assassin.



Arno’s weapons and appearance aren’t just cosmetic in Unity, most have customizational benefits that affect gameplay, these include:

  • Hoods - Decrease guards’ reaction times and enhance Eagle Sense radius
  • Assassin Robes - Can affect the time you can blend in with a crowd and how long it takes for guards to detect you
  • Gadgets - The Hidden Blade and Phantom Blade can be customized to deal more damage
  • Belts/Sashes - Increase health points and available item slots
  • Pants and Boots - provide additional health, decrease fall damage and lower sound you make while moving





Unity will be the first in the franchise to provide a full, optional co-operative campaign, where up to four players play as different Assassins and perform story based missions, assassinating targets and sabotaging executions are among many different assignments that will be available in the game mode.

The feature enhances the elements from the multiplayer mode Wolfpack from Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4, this seems to be a replacement for competitive skirmishes of the Abstergo multiplayer mode, which won’t be featuring in this game, enhancing the feeling of co-operation and ultimately, “Unity”.


Pre-Order Editions


Amazon Edition - Copy of Unity, Collector’s Box, Arno Pocket Watch Replica, Parade Pistol Weapon, One Exclusive Mission










Bastille Edition - Copy of Unity, Steel Case, Artbook, Soundtrack, Two Lithographs, Two Exclusive Missions









Collector’s Edition - Copy of Unity, Collector’s box,Soundtrack, Artbook, 16″ Arno Figurine, Music Box, Two Exclusive missions












GameStop Edition - Copy of Unity, Razorhead Spear weapon, one “Spin To win” Interacive Game chance, One ExclusiveMission










Guillotine Collector’s Edition - Copy of Unity, Guillotine Collector’s Box, FuturePak Case, Artbook, Soundtrack, 41 cm Arno Guillotine Figurine, Secret Paris Map, Framed Canvas Print, Two Lithographs, Assassin’s Creed Tarot Cards, Music Box, Two Exclusive Missions, Exclusive Weapons and Outfits.










Notre Dame Edition - Copy of Unity,  Collector’s Box, Artbook, Soundtrack, 39.5 cm Arno Gargoyle Figurine, Two Exclusive Missions










Special Edition - Copy of Unity, On Exclusive Mission, Exclusive Weapons and Outfits









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