Are You Losing Interest in DayZ Standalone?

When Dean Hall launched the mod for Arma 2 that was DayZ, I’m sure he never expected the kind of success it achieved. It took a several year old game into the top selling game spot on Steam, and to date, 1,737,741 players have tried surviving the zombie apocalypse. But after so much hype and excitement surrounding the mod, and then the standalone, are people beginning to lose interest in the DayZ Standalone after such a long period?

Originally set for a 2012 release date, the Standalone got pushed back to 2013. I believe that was the correct decision and will no doubt leave us with a better final product, but that is where things started to go slightly downhill. If there is one thing I have learned about gamers, it’s that they don’t take well to release dates which come and go, and get pushed back further and further. Whether it is in the best interest of the game or not.

After playing the mod, I was praying that a standalone version would be put into development, and my prayers were answered. I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to play a more polished and stable version of DayZ before the end of 2012. It didn’t happen, so I moved on and waited patiently. It wasn’t a big deal to me and my interest was just as high as ever.

During the months that followed, many gamers waited patiently for the next milestone. I was still excited for the game, but my excitement wasn’t what it once was. It had been half a year since we had expected to be able to play, but were told it was for the better to wait until 2013 to release the Alpha.

Then June and July came along, the months where many people had expected the Alpha to go public. To Rocket’s defense, he never said a date or that it would definitely be released. I think a lot of people had expected that it would be ready for July, following several hints and interviews Rocket had done. Interest had gone back up after a period of relative silence. But June and July came and went without the Alpha, with the next milestone set for late August to see if it was ready then.

I appreciate how much time, effort and dedication it takes to develop a game, especially the size of DayZ. I do not wish for them to rush the game. However I do find that the excitement I once had for the Standalone is all but gone. While last year I got giddy at the thought of playing the standalone, now I am not too bothered. I am not bothered if it comes out in August, or 2014 for that matter.

That is partly because I was pinning all my hopes on DayZ Standalone to deliver that survival apocalypse simulator I had been wanting to play, especially after the disappointment that was Infestation: Survivor Stories. But the gaming industry doesn’t stand still for anyone, not even for one of the most popular mods of all time!

I guess the biggest worry for the development team would be people losing interest and being taken away to other games. Having clearly shown there is a huge demand for such a game, we now see an influx of similar games in development, or released. DayZ was once one of a kind. But developers are now grabbing their slice of the pie, and DayZ may not have as big of a slice as they thought they would have.

Where I had once looked eagerly at DayZ to be my next big game. I now instead find myself looking towards other titles, and with Grand Theft Auto V on the horizon as well as several other highly anticipated games coming out this fall, my interest has shifted from DayZ to other things. There was a time where it wasn’t in doubt whether or not I would buy the DayZ Alpha. But with other games catching my eye and attracting my attention, for the first time it is in serious doubt.

I feel this was inevitably going to happen. The longer the standalone took to develop, the more people who would lose interest and be won over by other things. There is only so long you can wait eagerly for something before a time comes when you move on and it is no longer at the forefront of your mind. That doesn’t mean people will not buy it, but I think it would be safe to say that the amount of revenue a DayZ Standalone would have created will now not be as big.

And I guess DayZ has been at odds with its own success. With success comes expectations and demands. And other competitors. DayZ will be a success, but whether it will be as big of a success as it once could have been remains to be seen. I’m not saying goodbye to DayZ, no way. I will still follow the progress, but as someone who simply couldn’t wait for it at one point to now not being bothered, how many other potential buyers of DayZ feel the same?

So I guess in essence, my interest has dropped in the DayZ Alpha, since we all knew the full release was, and is a long long way away. My purchase of the final release of DayZ is almost certain. My purchase of the Alpha, or Beta? I’m not so sure anymore.

I will always be sat here, waiting patiently for DayZ. As for how long that will take, that is anyone’s guess…


Is the hype of DayZ dying down? Are you losing interest in the DayZ Standalone? Or are you still as excited as ever about it?