AR-Cade “Miitomo, Why it’s Awesome”


Some may know that after the Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2016 Oct. 29, 2015 Nintendo’s stock dropped slightly. This got many thinking every HARDCORE Gamer’s go-to phrase “Nintendo is doomed”. It didn’t take long for people to start sharing their opinions on how Nintendo’s stock drop will be their end. However this time around there has been less hate towards the company (yes there have been many other times where people have posted extremely negative posts towards the company claiming that Nintendo’s losses were their undoubted end). This post is my opinion piece for Nintendo’s new app called Miitomo. I say app because it’s main feature is more of an application than a game.


In Miitomo you make a Mii character and can communicate with only Friends. This may sound silly to those who only ever play video games online and talk to everyone even those who you don’t know personally, but in all honesty it’s really quite ingenious because it separates friends from true friends. Not saying that you have to separate your friends but let’s say you have the app and you ask your friend to get the app, then you both have the app, you can set up your own group of friends to converse with as you please. That might not sound like much but you also get to personalize it with your Mii character and give your Mii clothing just like in Tomodachi life. Some say that a mini Tomodachi Life game is all this is but I believe it’s Nintendo’s greatest attempt at making gaming social from
long distances.

The people you will be able to communicate with are limited to your friends whom you have registered as Friends. We are designing this communication application to enable Friends to share information comfortably and securely. ~Nintendo President


You may recall that along with Miitomo (releasing March 2016) will be the Club Nintendo replacement; My Nintendo. Then there’s also the cloud service that connects all of their products together called “Nintendo Account” Which you could even connect with another
pre-existing account like your old Nintendo Network ID or with Facebook. My Nintendo will reward you for playing games and apps, most-likely because Nintendo Account will keep everything connected within Nintendo’s Cloud service. This means that you’ll probably earn points towards free things just by talking to your friends via Miitomo.

We will start a new point program as well, which not only involves Nintendo’s dedicated game systems but also smart devices.
With the Club Nintendo membership service that was ended on September 30, 2015, you earned points when you purchased software. With this new point program, you can earn points by playing games as well. Whether you have played the software for dedicated game systems or our applications for smart devices, you can earn points that can then be used on our dedicated game systems or on smart devices. Naturally, you can also earn points by purchasing software.
With the new points, you can obtain digital add-on content, which will make the game you are playing even more fun, original merchandise or a coupon, which can be used as a discount for new software.~Nintendo President


Still not impressed? Well I shouldn’t have to remind you that Nintendo usually surprises us last minute with amazing additions via DLC, updates, events etc. “With the new points, you can obtain digital add-on content, which will make the game you are playing even more fun” This could mean additional unannounced features for Miitomo later on, and that sort of statement usually confirms that. But he was talking about “My Nintendo” when he said that so I could be wrong.

OK, if I have to go on about this further I’ll just lay out the three main details:

  • You get a comfortable & customizable personal social network made by Nintendo
  • You (might) get points for using it (hasn’t been released yet, cannot confirm but it looks like you do).
  • You don’t send out personal information to the entire world, only whom you allow

Source for confirming all details