The Most Anticipated Xbox One and PS4 Games of 2016


With the 2015 year coming to a close and only a few big gems patiently waiting for their release dates as we draw nearer to the new year it feels like a right time to look at the most anticipated games for 2016. This was a great year for gaming and gamers overall who were treated to spectacular titles like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 4 and the list continues. Throughout the year we’ve seen well established franchises like the Fallout and Halo dominate and see success both critically and commercially but there has been no absence of a few great original IPs. With the gaming industry in a fantastic place and on a great run it does seem that the great releases aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Next year both the PS4 and Xbox One will both receive some highly anticipated exclusives that are set to heat up the console race while other big blockbusters look to keep our hands on controllers for even more hours. Can the Xbox One make up ground on the PS4 sales wise? What console will have the best exclusive? With so many questions posed for next year it’s clear that the line up for each console will heavily influence the further success of both the PS4 and Xbox.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Dues Ex: Human Revolution was a great game, I really did love it much more than I expected. It was unlike any generic FPS at that time with the open ended gameplay providing many angles of approach within the game’s missions. They way the game blended action and stealth was one of the strongest elements of the game and as a person who prefers a mixture of both rather than one or the other, the hope is that the sequel, mankind divided, improves on these foundations.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The first mirrors edge game flew way under the radar when it first came out on the Xbox 360 that many gamers assumed a sequel was never coming due to pretty low sales figured. However, it seems EA want to give the franchise another go-round an with what’s been seen so far things are looking good. With Dice on developing duties fans of the series can expect to see a much more improved and further refined parkour system as well as an even more beautiful world to jumps around in. We can’t wait.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

This open world third person shooter has seen numerous delays since it’s initial reveal at E3 2013. Regardless, the survival and RPG elements integrated within the game- play do create a sense of curiosity about whether this game will justify the long, long wait gamers have had in order to get their hands on it. The Division takes place in a crisis ridden New York City where a deadly virus has broken out and speak across the USA causing a government collapse. In response, a unit call The Division is tasked to restore order. The premise is good enough no doubt, but it remains to seen whether this game will truly be worth the wait.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Naughty Dog is back with Uncharted 4. It’s set to be the last game to feature protagonist Nathan Drake and is the final instalment in the Uncharted series. You wouldn’t want to miss this. Trust me.

Quantum Break

This game had a big presence at Gamescom this year. Fans were treated to secular looking game play that looked slick, polished, engaging but most of all - fun. The graphics looked next gen while the gameplay mechanics that allow the player to do also sorts of things with time within the game look to set this game apart from other third person games. If I know one thing, it’s that the live-action television element of the game looks fantastic at best. At worst, it’s intriguing.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown was a really good open world game. It was a playground full of madness and destruction and lets not forget, orb collecting. However, like mirrors edge it flew massively under the radar and many of those gamers that did have a chance to play this jewel of game were most likely purchasing the game for access to the highly anticipated Halo 3 beta. Nevertheless, Crackdown 3 looks to make up for the shaky game that was Crackdown 2 by introducing unparalleled destruction physics that make literally everything in this open world destructible thanks to the extra horsepower coming from the cloud integration. With any luck, this could be the best game in the series yet because it’s easily going to be the biggest.

Dark Souls 3

“Prepare to die”. Again.


From the footage we saw of Doom at the Bethesda E3 conference it seems that Doom looks to make the player the ultimate killing machine. Demons seemed to be dismantled and dismembered in all kinds of gory, stomach churning ways. Seriously, this game looks as gruesome as they get but it still seems like a crazy fun shooter that’s perfect to let off some steam on and feel like a badass doing so.

Dishonoured 2

One of the reasons Bethesda smashed it out of the park at their E3 press conference wasn’t just because of the announcement of Fallout, no, it was also because of the announcement of another critically acclaimed game. Dishonored was one of the best stealth games to release in a recent while. It was so utterly ruthless while being so utterly stylish in it’s stealthy approach while it’s setting was just a joy to sneak through. In the sequel familiar faces will return (Corvo) while new faces will appear. Emily Kaldwin is a new main character to the series, a young, magical assassin. Both characters are playable and both are likely to be outrageously fun.

Gears of War 4

Gears was a staple franchise during the Xbox 360 days and looks set to make it’s mark on the Xbox One consoles. Gears of War 4, like Halo and Rise of the Tomb Raider was for Microsoft this year, is to be the company’s big exclusive for next year. A game that will hopefully sell consoles. Although no truly spectacular gameplay has yet to be revealed fans are most likely buzzing to get back into the Locust infected world and fire some more rounds from that lancer. He first Gears of War game had a vibe and atmosphere of horror throughout, if this is to return then there’s more reason to excited. If it doesn’t and we still continue shooting horde after horde of locust well then… there’s still huge reason for gamers to ecstatic about this game. It’s Gears of War after all and it’s likely to look striking under a fancy coat of next gen paint.

Homefront 2: The Revolution

The path to development for Homefront 2 was far from straightforward. After Kaos Studios, the developer of the first game in the series, was shut down by THQ the sequel to the original was seemingly left in limbo. To many gamers this wasn’t hugely a big issue since the first game generally received mixed feedback anyway but alas, a sequel is upon us. So far, from what has been revealed by new developer Dambuster studios it seems that the upcoming game is filled to the brim with potential. The Far Cry feel to the game is evident as it is set in a vast open world city full of places to explore and capture. Story-wise, the game picks up where the first Homefront left off in the sense that the game is set in Philadelphia in 2029 and is ruled by the Greater Korean Republic, who they player fought against in the first game. To put it simply, the aim of the game is to take them down and you are a rebel that’s part of the movement that’s trying to do so, “the revolution”. There will be chaos, there will be customisation and best of all there will be a motorbike provided that the player can use to speed across the dystopian landscape as they set out to take on a very technologically advanced enemy. If all goes to plan this game couldn’t just be good, it can be great.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

I think everyone was a little bit surprised when Sony announced their upcoming exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s a post-apocalyptic action role playing game in which you play as a female hunter who has to progress though an apocalyptic land overrun by robotic dinosaurs. When you first lay eyes of this game the first thing that will likely come to mind is how stunningly beautiful it is but it’s set to be must more than that. The game is the first intellectual property to be by Guerrilla Games since Killzone and oh my it looks different. Gameplay will likely consist of hunting mechanical prey generally using items such as bows and arrows and other collectible weapons of that nature. The world will be incredibly hostile and one which you will need to survive in. Although details on the story are sparse, it seems this game is certain to engage.


Barely anything but a reveal trailer has been seen of ReCore so gamers a pretty much left to guess what to expect. However, the key game mechanic which the game seems to be built around is the ability for the player to insert their companions core into various types of robot as a way to gain new abilities. Hopefully more will be elaborated upon within the coming months.


Microsoft has been strong in exclusives department so far during this console generation. They look to continue this trend with Scalebound, an action RPG that puts extra emphasis on the RPG side of things. From the revealed game play it does seem like the combat looks toy be the most interesting and engaging part of this upcoming game. Protagonist Drew takes centre stage in this game filled with fluid, fast-paced swordplay  while your companion AI dragon helps you dispense of enemies and help provide a tactical element as new ways to approach combat situations emerge. Renowned director Hideki Katya, known for his great action games has said this is neither a full open-world game although it is indeed non-linear with many beautiful areas to explore similar to the structure of the world within the acclaimed Dragon Age: Inquisition. If Platinum Games handle this right, we could have the next great RPG on our hands. I hope your ready.