Anook - Welcome Home, Gamers.

In the past I have definitely sat down and considered what it would be like to have a proper Social Network site just for gaming. We have all visited game forums (you may have even visited our new forums!), but these don’t nearly offer the immediate connection other Social Networks have. Take Twitter for example. You can follow your favourite singers, gamers, celebrities, or who ever you want to and be constantly updated whenever they post anything onto that site. That’s really useful for getting information from developers (I sure know I use it to keep up to date with new games). But none of these are focused on gaming, and only a few gaming communities reside within these current sites.

Anook comes to fill this void. Anook is a Social Networking site, much like Facebook, but for gamers. Instead of registering to this site with your real name, your register with your online username of choice. This allows the anonymity, but also reputation, that an online gamer has to carry on. You can link in all your gaming connections, including PSN, XBL, Steam, Origin and other specific titles! But along with just allowing people to register, the site offers so much more. Anook bases itself around following games, and nooks. Nooks act somewhat like Facebook pages and Facebook groups combined. Following any of these allows you to receive updates on your Home Feed involving any post related to this game/nook.

The ability to constantly be updated with all the posts about your favourite game is awesome on its own, but Anook also offers the ability to feature streaming, and is planning further compatibility with video content. It is definitely worth checking this site out, and seeing what all the fuss is about. I managed to catch up with one of the creators of Anook, David, who answered a few of my questions.

How did Anook first come into creation? Who or what inspired the idea?

Ever since I started playing online games almost 15 years ago, I was missing a comprehensive website that would combine both my need for information and communication. Eventually I was so tired of my daily routine of checking dozens of forums, blogs, guild pages, etc. to stay updated that I decided to quit my job and create this website myself.

When Anook was started, was it aimed at become a large part in the Social Media spotlight, or simply a different style of website for gamers to call home?

We always had the vision of creating a website, which brings together all important aspects of gaming - staying in touch with friends and connecting with like-minded gamers is an important part, but so is the latest news, patch notes or strategies for your facvourite games. Since we started the public beta, Anook has evolved quite a bit from our initial idea to what it is now. We listen a lot to our community and we are still in a pretty early development stage.

What do you think is the greatest part/feature about Anook?

The greatest part of Anook is definitely the news feed, which is actually about games and gamers I’m interested in. But if I had to pick a certain feature I would say the fame system. Basically all contributions earn you game fame on Anook. The more people you reach with your content the more fame you receive. The fame gain is directly related to the game’s community size, so it’s super easy to validate any content by checking the author’s fame rank and compare that to your own.

If you are able to reveal anything, what are the future plans for Anook?

We have a super long list of cool features that we want to see on Anook. Pretty soon we will introduce an awesome YouTube integration, which automatically works with our fame ranking - very similar to the live streams. I personally can’t wait to get the core website features done so we can start working on a mobile app for Android and iOS.

What would you like to see Anook become?

I think there needs to be a global hub for all gamers, which is not limited to a single game, genre or platform and is not run by a gaming publisher or digital distributor, so gamers are actually considered community members and not customers. I believe that Anook has the potential to become this gaming hub in the future.


Anook definitely has the potential to succeed as a massive part of the social side of gaming. If you are interested in knowing more, head over to, and sign up! Be sure to share this with your friends too, as the more people using this site, the more this site has to offer.