Amazon console rumoured

Many have tried, some have succeeded, but most have failed. Amazon is the next in line to take a shot in the gaming market with the speculation of their console.

According to multiple sources feeding information to TechCrunch, Amazon’s new console will be a top box with a dongle. According to TechCrunch, a source claimed Amazon’s console will have access to stream top-tiered PC games, PlayStation, and Xbox games at 30 frames per second, opposite to the Ouya’s android-powered games. Streaming of games is rumored to be included with Amazon Prime. It’s unknown as to what games will be included at this time.

Amazon’s intention may be directed at not only promoting streaming, but also making use of Amazon MP3 and Amazon Instant Video. It is even rumoured to be a potential competitor to Steam, but it is unknown as to what is included in the top box, as reported by multiple outlets.

While the device is still in the testing phase, these sources seem to have some praise for what the Amazon console will be able to do. Amazon has also not released an official statement regarding it.

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