Amazon Android Console a Possibility?

It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry is joining in the seamlessly unending swarm of Android consoles to be joining the market. From the Ouya to the Gamestick, everyone seems to be having a go at bringing an android games console to the masses, and an Amazon Android Console may be about to join the party. 

This is awful news for the people at Ouya, as i’m sure they won’t be jumping for joy over yet another competitor. The microconsole that came to be through a giant Kickstarter project that… ultimately resulted in a console no one bought - and those who did, most of whom have never purchased a game if the internet is to be believed. Claims have been made that 73% of all owners of the microconsole haven’t purchased a single game on the platform.

Amazon have set up Amazon Game Studios alongside these rumours, grabbing themselves people from the likes of Microsoft Studios and Trion with more jobs seemingly available. Amazon Game Studios recently released their first title, Air Patriots, a tower defence airplane game.

If anyone can bring the Android game console to the masses, it’s likely to be either Google or Amazon, so it makes sense for them to make this move into the gaming industry. Whether they will be able to do with the Android platform what they did with the Kindle series remains to be seen, or even whether these console rumours will ever come to fruition. We’ll find out soon though, with suggestions that we’ll see this console released in alignment with the infamous ‘Black Friday’ in America.