About Us

JumpToGamer was founded in England in June 2013, however we have writers from around the world as we try to cover all the latest gaming news, reviews and previews!

Around the site you will see the latest gaming reviews, as well as previews to upcoming titles! Not only will we look at the most popular games on the market, but also those gems which go unnoticed. We want to highlight games being developed by Indie developments which you probably haven’t heard of yet. This includes interviews with developers as well sneak peaks at gameplay! We feel passionately about Indie games so we aim to give them as much publicity as possible. In recent years we have found ourselves enjoying these as much as the top titles produced by the powerhouses in gaming.

Our Team:

Stephen Jackson – Founder

I have always been an avid gamer, and combined my passion with my love for writing, hoping to be able to share my views and opinions to the world! So what better way than to start JumpToGamer? My favourite genres and RPG’s and Strategy games, as well as Shooters and Sports games such as FIFA. I play both consoles and PC, however PC is just edging it for me!

Stefan Richings – Editor-in-Chief

I am 20 years old, from the UK and studying Music Technology in University. I am currently writing articles about video games in my spare time whilst I wait to be elected as supreme ruler of the universe.

Jose Gonzalez – News/Features Editor

I am a 26-year-old gamer who has been through the majority of gaming generations and has an extreme passion for gaming. I am also a journalist with a talent for writing, so why not combine the two things together?

Andrew Vallis – Editor/Media

I’m an 18 year old from Australia. Games have been part of me since the early days of Gameboy Colour. All it took was the addictive worlds of RPG’s to lure me in, and then I was obsessed with this huge community. Ever since, i’ve been a passionate gamer, keen to share my knowledge, experience and opinions on anything game related. Outside of gaming, I enjoy playing sports (especially Football), and love to make videos for YouTube.

Bob Madeley – Media

Hello there, I handle all things video and media here at JumpToGamer. When I’m not at work, I’m usually sitting on my computer or in front of my TV playing video games and making videos about them.

Carson Doyle – Podcaster

Carson Doyle is a 21 year old political science student with an obsession with his own voice. His videogame obsession started when his mother bought him a SNES when he was 4 and taught him how to play Super Mario World 3. Through his podcast, he hopes to share his love of videogames with all his listeners through his very dry and sometimes deadpan humor.

Raven Johnson – Staff Writer

Hello there! I’m a 21 year old student living somewhere in the Midwestern United States. I love all game genres but horror and have the most fun playing Fighting Games and RPGs! I started with the SNES at age 3 and haven’t stopped playing since.

Corey McDaniel – Staff Writer

Corey likes video games and likes writing; so, it is only natural that he would be found writing about video games.

Eion Gallagher – Staff Writer

Ever since playing Spyro on Playstation One I’ve always had a huge passion for the world of gaming. I’m currently studying BCL Law and Media Studies in NUI Maynooth. When not in college, I can be found recovering from yet another nuclear attack by Gandhi in Civilisation 5, or watching the latest Rooster Teeth video on YouTube.

Jozef Wotawa – Staff Writer

Ever since I got my hands on the NES, I have had a passion for gaming. I love games that have a rich, enticing story and really put me at the heart of it. Besides gaming I have many other hobbies. A must, for me, is keeping active.  I’m part of a football team and I also take part in various other activities. Traveling has always been something that has inspired me. After my studies I plan on seeing what the world has to offer. Traveling, playing games and loving life sums me up.

Michael Passalacqua – Staff Writer

Growing up I’ve come to enjoy eating buffalo wings, swinging golf clubs and playing video games. When I’m not doing those things, I’m either playing hockey, or imagining how awesome it would be to live in a post-apocalyptic world. I love playing games with a deep role-playing experience and an immersive story. Oh, and I could probably beat anyone in any Madden game ever made.


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Special Thanks to everyone who has previously written and contributed to JumpToGamer!

*Please note that the opinions expressed by our writers may not be the overall opinion of JumpToGamer. They are the personal opinion of the author. The scores given by each author in a review is their opinion and will vary from person to person.