About Us

JumpToGamer was founded in June 2013 and is based in the UK, however we have writers from around the world as we try to cover all the latest gaming news, reviews and previews!

Around the site you will see the latest gaming reviews, as well as previews to upcoming titles! Not only will we look at the most popular games on the market, but also those gems which go unnoticed. We want to highlight games being developed by Indie developments which you probably haven’t heard of yet. This includes interviews with developers as well sneak peaks at gameplay! We feel passionately about Indie games so we aim to give them as much publicity as possible. In recent years we have found ourselves enjoying these as much as the top titles produced by the powerhouses in gaming.

Special Thanks to everyone who has previously written and contributed to JumpToGamer!

*Please note that the opinions expressed by our writers may not be the overall opinion of JumpToGamer. They are the personal opinion of the author. The scores given by each author in a review is their opinion and will vary from person to person.