A Look At Sonic: Lost Worlds

Format: Nintendo Wii U & Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Sonic Team

Publisher: SEGA

Release Date: October 18th 2013

As a massive Sonic The Hedgehog Fan I cannot stress enough how much Lost World gets me excited. At last, a Sonic game that looks to have rectified the many problems found in previous Sonic games. And as a lifelong fan, painfully I know the problems.

As a young boy I still vividly remember my father one evening bringing home the original SEGA Master System and the original Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) and for hours, well into the night we played, man-to-man (When one of us died or completed a level the other would take over) this started my love affair with Sonic. I still have a Master System (Not the original my father had) and Sonic The Hedgehog which I regularly play! I have played every Sonic game I can get my hands on and attended Sonics 10th Birthday party in London and the launch of Sonic R.

Let’s begin! The problems with the Sonic games are obvious to anyone who has played them; running full pelt and losing your speed (A bit like your partner navigating when you are driving ‘It’s left….back there…’, losing all 120 rings you’ve collected after colliding with one little Badnik and running so fast that you miss the platform or jump.

Watching the new Sonic Lost worlds and reading up on it seems that they have finally noticed the problems and worked towards rectifying them! They have introduced an option on speed, you decide on how fast Sonic moves around. You can either walk around using the analogue stick or you can hold the Right Button with the analogue stick to run at ‘Sonic Speed’!! This is beneficial when coming to tricky situations like platforming and Badniks. Also if you hold down the Left Button you initiate a trademark Spin Dash. Another new idea is the ‘Parkour System’. This is the ability to run up objects like trees, walls and small obstacles, this really got my Attention! You can only use the Parkour System whilst running, not walking, so you don’t end up halfway up a tree when walking around collecting animals or rings.

Another new introduction is actually an idea used in a previous game (Sonic CD); whilst Sonic is running his feet make the figure of eight pattern which looks awesome!! You also have the choice of three attacks now. You’ve got the famous Spin Dash, the incredibly helpful Homing Attack and the new Kick attack. This where Sonic kicks the Badnik/enemy like a Roberto Carlos free kick!! Finally, a bit of variety.

Lastly, there is the option of multiple routes to complete each level. Instead of the usual high, medium and low routes there are various routes you can take, but you have to keep your eye open for certain routes; this will add to the replay value.


Enough about the problems, lets talk about the story. Sonic (As usual) is in pursuit of his one time friend and long time nemesis Doctor Robotnik (Doctor Eggman to the younger Sonic fans) with his buddy Miles ‘Tails’ Prower (Say it without Tails to get the full effect). During their travels they travel to a world known as Lost Hex where they learn Doctor Robotnik has harnessed the power of a group of native villains known as the Deadly Six – makes a change from Egg Carriers and Egg Bots.

The game obviously has influences from Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 as the worlds are free floating with unique gravity issues similar to those in Mario’s astral adventures, but is also inspired by the 1991 Green Hill Zone just by looking at the demo Windy Hill Zone. I cannot wait to see the remainder of the Zones.

The aim of each level (Apart from leathering it to the end) is to rescue as many of Sonics little animal buddies that have been turned into Badniks (a throwback to the original Sonic games). The animals are counted as you go through each level and like the Red Stars (3 in each level – like the previous 3D Sonic titles) unlock bonus items. So having multiple routes means that you will miss some animals each time you run through – Like I said; Replay Value!

I can honestly say, writing this has worked me up even more! Imagine it, a decent 3D Sonic The Hedgehog game with the full package. Ok, I know you are saying what about Sonic Generations, but to me that could have been made better, not just with the additions made in Lost Worlds but it could have been made longer and had hidden content like Sonic R after you find so many Red Stars, lastly a 2 player versus mode like in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Then it could really have given Mario a run for his money in the platforming genre.

I do not have a ‘Wii U’ at the moment as to me there are no games worth me purchasing one. There is no ‘The Legend of Zelda’ game or ‘Super Smash Bros’ or unique ‘Super Mario’. This game though is pushing me, taunting me to purchase a Nintendo Wii U…..at last!

So far SEGA, I am proud and in love again! I cannot wait!