A Closer Look at Elizabeth: Burial at Sea DLC

It seemed like just yesterday (well, around two weeks ago to be more exact) that we were still wrapping our heads around the fact that we’d be returning to Rapture in Bioshock Infinite, for real this time in a new Burial at Sea DLC. Not only that, but that we’d be taking the reigns of not just Booker DeWitt, the original protagonist of the main game, but Elizabeth herself. It’s a dynamic duo dream come true for all Bioshock fans.

Now they’ve come back to tease us yet again by releasing this new 360 degree diagram-style picture of Elizabeth from the trailer, who undoubtedly was the point of interest for everyone when she showed up in a femme fatale, noir-esque getup. With a visibly more curvaceous figure, mysterious personality, and possible connection to the infamous Little Sisters, she carries an air similar to Tennenbaum of Bioshock 1. Either way, it’s evident that we’ll be seeing her in a very big role when the DLC comes out next year.

The new picture is courtesy of a post on the official Irrational Games website.