8 Clever Minecraft Tricks You Might Have Missed

Minecraft has become a monster game with millions of players around the world and tons of frequent up dates. The ever changing nature of the game makes it all too easy to overlook cool new features after they’re added. Take a look at the following list of awesome little tricks that many Minecraft players have missed. If there’s nothing here that’s news to you maybe you’ve got some secrets of your own you’d like to share?

Using A Torch Underwater Creates An Air Pocket

It’s easier to do than you think. All it takes is a moment of inattention when you’re diving or a little miscalculation when you’re mining, and you suddenly find yourself stranded beneath the waves. Your inventory might hold the air you need! Placing a torch displaces the water around it briefly in favor of air. If you stand right against the torch when you place it, you’ll be able to gulp down a little much needed oxygen. Here is some more info.

Torches Can Support Gravel Or Sand

Mounting a torch on a wall is more than just a way to illuminate interior spaces. You’ll find that slapping a block of sand or gravel on a torch won’t damage the material, leaving it hanging in the air. If you want to build floating sections and sand is the only handy building material you have, this trick can be invaluable.

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Torches Can Destroy Gravel Or Sand

Yes, it seems contradictory when considered in combination with the last trick. It’s true, though: pulling the bottom block out of a stack of gravel or sand and inserting a torch will make the whole stack collapse. This is the better known trick of this pair, but it’s handy to know that the way torches interact with these materials depends on which item you add to the other.

Torches Make Great Scaffolding

One little feature a lot of players miss is that you can build directly from the side of a torch without needing a new block. This means you can use torches to support ambitious construction projects while conserving previous blocks.

Minecraft Ladders And Signs Are Water And Fire-Proof

Water and lava behave the same way in Minecraft, and both of them can cause chaos if they flow where you don’t want them. Did you know that humble signs and ladders will both stop flows of water and lava? Keep some of them handy when you’re building in areas that you know might spring a leak. Here are some more details.

Characters In Soul Sand Are Shorter

Soul sand is a very handy material, bust most players use it primarily for slowing someone down. Soul sand has other characteristics, though. For instance, standing on the stuff actually make you sink a little way into the ground. This is highly exploitable. For example, a block three blocks above the ground becomes an impassable barrier if there’s soul sand in front of it. You can use this fact to build some really fiendish traps.

Snowballs Are Mighty Against Blazes

Fighting a blaze is a job that most players tackle with a bow and a lot of arrows. It takes time to bring the necessary resources together, though. If you find a conveniently placed snow area, you’re in luck, though. The normally-useless snowball makes an outstanding weapon for fighting blazes.