7 Things You Did Not Know About NINTENDO Co.

I think that it is very interesting reading up on the likes of Nintendo and SEGA as they have been around for a few decades, you wouldn’t believe what they started out producing and how they’ve ended up as one of the biggest home entertainment companies in the world!

 These next 7 bits of info fascinated me and I am sure they will you!

1 – Card House?!

Nintendo was founded in 1889, and was first famous for producing playing cards in Japan; the most noticeable playing cards were for the game ‘Hanafuda’.


2 – The Hotels of Love!

In 1963 Yamauchi had realised the potential and limit of the playing card business, he renamed Nintendo Playing Card Co. to just simply Nintendo Co. He then led the company into new ventures such as; a TV network, a food company (Selling instant rice) as well as a Love Hotel Chain (AKA Brothel)!

Love Hotel

 3 – The Most Popular Series

Nintendo’s main 3 franchises; Mario, the Legend of Zelda & Pokémon have sold a combined 534 million games!

 Mario – 240m

Pokémon – 200m

TLoZ – 94m

MarioHere are the competitors:

Sonic the Hedgehog – 36m

HALO – 27m

Mortal Kombat – 26m

Not bad for a company with Love Hotels!

4 – Mario Quick Facts!

Here are a few quick facts on the popular plump plumber from Brooklyn:

 - 235 Video Games

 - 31 Different Power Ups

 - 7 TV Shows

- 1 Ridiculous Breakfast Cereal!


5 – Unauthorised Smut!

There have been a few porn games that have been released without Nintendo’s permission. A few are titled; Bubble Bath Babes, Hot Slots & Peek-A-Boo Poker! These are now worth about $1000! (Now you have an excuse for owning a copy!)


6 – Best Selling Console?!

What are your thoughts on the best selling Nintendo console, my honest guess would have been the N64, but no, surprisingly the Wii has just surpassed the NES (Nintendo entertainment System) as the best seller!

Wii – 67.46m

NES – 67.45m

SNES – 49.10m

N64 – 32.93m

XBOX 360 – 39m

PS3 – 33.50m


7 – Shigeru Miyamoto 

Nintendo in all honesty have the very, very talented Miyamoto to thank for their success in gaming, I mean imagine if they hadn’t of lucked out in hiring the 24 year old as their first staff artist in 1977? We wouldn’t be sat here talking about Mario, Donkey Kong, Link & Zelda or the Wii. Well played Nintendo.


As a child Miyamoto idolized Walt Disney. But by 1990 his creation Mario had become more recognisable than Mickey Mouse!!

 Well, I hope you enjoyed these odd facts as much as I have!