3DS Registration Gives EU Free Copy of Super Mario 3D Land

In the next week, exclusively to Europe, Nintendo will be giving away a copy of Super Mario 3D Land to any gamer who registers their 3DS along with a list of fifteen eligible games. This deal is so good, I imagine people all over Europe will be keeping hold of their cash until they can take advantage of this deal.

Super Mario 3D Land was the first Mario game in the franchise to be released on the 3DS and was one of the first 3DS games to sell well over five million copies worldwide. The reviews given were highly favourable and it is well worth the wait for Nintendo lovers and Mario fanatics.

The promotion is set to run between November 27th until January 13th and is once again only exclusive to EU (as much as I hate reminding myself). After registering your 3DS during the mentioned time frame, make sure to redeem your code before the deadline of January 13th.

Here is the list of eligible games:


Source: *Gamespot