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Why I Made Cubes For All My TCGs

by Jesse Marsellaon October 15, 2015
If you don’t know what a cube is let me give you a crash course before I start my story. The idea of the cube originated and is primarily found in the trading card game Magic the Gathering (MTG). Basically a cube is created for the purpose of drafting or playing any sealed format; although drafting […]

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Europa Universalis IV Gets New Expansion

by Jesse Marsellaon October 15, 2015
The new expansion in the Europa Universalis IV is called the “The Cossacks” which is not only going to focus on the Eastern European Stepp warriors. Besides the obvious focus on the Cossacks the expansion is going to heavily improve diplomatic options both domestic and abroad. There is a new feature in the expansion called […]

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“One For All” Mode Returns To League of Legends

by Jesse Marsellaon October 15, 2015
It’s been over two years since the “one for all” game mode was available in League and now from October 15th through October 26th you can once again choose this fun and wacky game mode. The “one for all” mode is a game mode where each team gets to choose one specific character from the roster […]