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rocket league

Rocket League “Back to the Future” DLC Available October 21st

by Jesse Marsellaon October 12, 2015
          The newest Rocket League DLC has just been announced by PlayStation Europe’s blog. The trailer for the DLC shows the famed DeLorean for the Back to the Future scoring a goal and then flying off screen. Besides the new availability of the car the DLC also comes with a “burnt rubber […]

mgith and magic

“Deceptive Marketing” Accusations Addressed By Ubisoft Over Might and Magic Game

by Jesse Marsellaon October 12, 2015
Might and Magic Heroes Seven and Ubisoft recently caught some flak over the condition of the premium bundle that was promised to players. The premium bundle, which costed over 100 dollars, contained a “full game” of Might and Magic Heroes, a statute, some lithographs among other things. Yet players on different social media platforms made […]