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New LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Shows Off Comedic Gameplay

by Jesse Marsellaon October 9, 2015
              The new Lego Marvel’s Avenger game just posted a new trailer for their upcoming game. The often silly LEGO version of different games and franchises shows off it’s creative nature yet again in this game which comes out on January 26th 2016. The game shows off all the […]

battelfront beta

Star Wars Battlefront Isn’t Just A Great Star Wars Game It’s an Incredibly Realistic Shooter On It’s Own

by Jesse Marsellaon October 9, 2015
As you might know the Star Wars Battlefront beta went live yesterday and while the beta only lets you play on three different maps those maps reveal a supremely well designed shooter. The game stays true to the Star Wars universe and makes you feel like you are involved in the action that takes place […]

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PlayStation Now Finally Has A Subscription Package For The UK And It’s £13 A Month

by Jesse Marsellaon October 9, 2015
Sony has announced today that they are adding a subscription option for the streaming service PlayStation Now in UK. Before today you could rent specific titles from the service and it would run you anywhere between three and ten quid. Now you can use any of the game titles in the service for thirteen pounds […]