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Far Cry Primal Announcement Leaked

by Jesse Marsellaon October 5, 2015
            Before Ubisoft could reveal its new game an IGN twitter account seems to have spoiled the fun. Far Cry Primal was announced by the twitter account before the Ubisoft live stream could get to it. Ubisoft had been live streaming a mysterious cave painting since 12:00 pm eastern standard time when […]


Star Wars Battlefront Will Not Have Microtransactions

by Jesse Marsellaon October 5, 2015
Amidst all the news about Star Wars Battlefront coming out today, whether it’s concerning the beta that comes out on October 8th or how cool it looks to be Luke Skywalker in the upcoming battle for Hoth scenario, the best so far has to be this. GameSpot recently sat down with a lead developer working on […]


Rock Band 4 Released Tomorrow, Definitive Guide Released Today

by Jesse Marsellaon October 5, 2015
              The much anticipated Rock Band 4 comes out tomorrow and if you are jumping back on the Rock Band hype train or if you aren’t sure if you want the game here is a list of features released on the PlayStation blog today. The final set list has music […]