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5 Minute News – 17th February

by Carson Doyleon February 17, 2014
And we’re finally back with our Emphasisonthethe’s ‘weekly’ 5 Minute News round up. Due to personal commitments we missed the round up last week, and due to technical issues this week’s roundup is even more delayed. We’re gonna get this down eventually, promise… Regardless, please enjoy Emphasisonthethe’s delightful opinions on Sonic Boom, Titanfall (not releasing […]

The Order

The Order: 1886 getting new trailer tomorrow

by StephenJacksonon February 17, 2014
PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886 will be getting a new trailer tomorrow, Sony has revealed on PlayStation Europe’s official Twitter. The trailer will be posted at 14.00 GMT/15.00 CET and will hopefully shed some light on the game which is currently being developed by Ready at Dawn. Since its announcement at E3 last year, […]


Gone North Games reveals “A Story About My Uncle” Teaser Trailer

by Bobon February 17, 2014
The teaser trailer for A Story About My Uncle, a non-violent, first person platformer, has been revealed by Gone North Games. A Story About My Uncle is about a boy searching for his lost uncle, and the strange world he ends up in. The teaser is almost reminiscent of Valves’ Portal, but with less robots […]

Steam 2

Valve now allows you to report Steam Tags

by StephenJacksonon February 17, 2014
An update to Steam last week gave users the ability to assign tags to games, however suitable or inappropriate they may have been. However as the situation grew steadily out of control, with all kinds of tags appearing for games, Valve has inevitably released an update which will allow users to report inappropriate Steam tags. […]

Ryse 5

Ryse: Son of Rome Mars’ Chosen Pack DLC releasing February 28

by StephenJacksonon February 17, 2014
Microsoft and Crytek have announced that the Ryse: Son of Rome Mars’ Chosen Pack will be released on February 28 for $8.99. The DLC will also be part of Ryse: Son of Rome’s Season Pass. The Mars’ Chosen Pack will add new maps, a new character skin and a brand-new cooperative gameplay mode called Survival. […]

Flappy Bird 3

Reports suggest Apple & Google now rejecting Flappy Bird clones

by StephenJacksonon February 17, 2014
According to various reports from developers, both Apple and Google are rejecting Flappy Bird clones after the hugely popular game was removed by its Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen last week. Apple are rejecting the clones on the grounds that they “leverage a popular app”, while Google are reportedly rejecting them by classing them as “spam”. However […]

Daylight 2

Daylight to launch in April

by StephenJacksonon February 17, 2014
In a video walkthrough with IGN, studio director Jarred Gerritzen of  Zombie Studio’s revealed that horror game Daylight will be launching this April on PC and PlayStation 4. Daylight had previously had a release date of “early 2014” and while no date was mentioned, we do know that we can expect the title this spring. […]

Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes runs at 720p on Xbox One and 1080p on PS4

by StephenJacksonon February 17, 2014
Konami has confirmed that the Xbox One version of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will run at 720p, while the PS4 will run at 1080p. Both versions will render at 60 frames per second however. Konami did a comparison on their website between the current and next-gen versions of the game which offered insight […]