All 15 Titanfall Maps Leaked

Reddit user FallenFusion has managed to leak the top down view of all 15 of the Titanfall Maps, with additional screenshots for each area of the map.

With Titanfall due for release next week, it’s unsurprising that we’re starting to see more and more information about the game being leaked from various sources to the public. On top of the two maps that were available for multiplayer games in the beta, Fracture and Angel City, the game will also include maps named; Airbase, Boneyard, Colony, Corporate, Dementer, Lagoon, Nexus, Outpost 207, Overlook, Relic, Rise, Smuggler and Training Ground. Training Ground appears to be a larger version of the final section of the training that featured in the beta.

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This leak certainly gives the impression that the multiplayer experience will be relatively varied, with some maps having a high amount of verticality and space, whilst others seem a little smaller and seem as though being a Pilot could be more important at times than having a Titan, particularly in objective based game modes.

To check out the images in a closer view, the NeoGaf thread with all the images can be found here.