10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legend of Zelda

To celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Nintendo Wii U, I am going to list 10 things that you probably didn’t know.

The Legend of Zelda series has been going for 27 years now, with the original game; The Legend of Zelda released in 1986. Since the release the franchise has spiraled and grown beyond belief, with due credit, every release is a masterpiece. Each new release is a new take on Hyrule and the hero of time, same main characters, same land but a new telling of each. Shigeru Miyamoto deserves the highest of awards.

Now as most gamers will know there are always secrets in games and without stumbling on them or spending hours searching you could never find them!

 1 – Tingle Tuner in Wind Waker

During your travels through the water logged (Understatement I know) Hyrule you can gain the use of the ‘Tingle Turner’. This device as you can tell is received from the crazy fairy-wanabe Tingle.


If you use the Tingle Tuner in Tower of The Gods dungeon you will unravel a secret 5-part story. This story is about a fairy who appeared before the Hero of Time, aiding him with maps and to see in the darkness. This legend is, by chance, a story of Tingle’s part in Majora’s Mask and on a certain island in the GreatSea it is said, “They celebrate one’s 35th birthday with a green coat and red pants. They do this in hope of becoming like the legendary fairy, Tingle!”

2 – Gannondorf’s Sword – Wind Waker

Now anyone who has played Wind Waker or received their pre-order bonus of Gannondorf collectable figure you can see some Hylian text on Gannon’s sword, this text can be translated ‘Zubora Gabora’. If any of you have played through the tiresome but brilliant Majora’s Mask, you will recognize these names as the two Blacksmiths who live on SnowheadMountain….I know!

Gannons Sword

 3 – Dying Soldier – Ocarina of Time

In my favorite Legend of Zelda game, you can hear the story about the conflict between Gannondorf and the Hyrulian King and why Princess Zelda’s escape was necessary.

Dying Soldier

This will take place if before heading towards the Door of Time after receiving the Ocarina of Time. If you search the backstreets you will find a wounded Hyrulian soldier sitting against a building. Approach him and speak to the poor sod. After he tells you the story he will pass away, so listen to him carefully!

4 – Links Awakening – A sequel?!

Now this one is a little known fact. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the GB & GBA is actually a spiritual sequel to little-known Japanese-only title called ‘The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls’. This is the reason it feels at odds to the rest of the series!

 5 – No Sword?!

Older gamers like myself might know this one, in Link’s first outing, The Legend of Zelda for Famicom Disk System in 1986 you can actually complete all the dungeons and reach Gannondorf without acquiring the free sword from the dodgy bloke living in a cave. Unfortunately Gannon is invincible unless you have the sword…what a b*tch.

 It would be pretty cool if you could complete the whole game with no sword, definitely one for the CV!

 6 – Fairy Fountain Theme Tune

Everyone remembers the iconic music for the mysterious Fairy Fountains; it’s my ringtone at the moment 😉 But apart from the obvious Scott Pilgrim vs The World it has been used in another game, Super Mario Brothers 3. It was used as the over-world theme for the Water Land Level!

Fairy Fountain

 7 – Ocarina of Time

A simple but interesting fact; the actual Ocarina of Time is actually made out of the same material as the time-shift stones found in the Lanayru Desert! Like I said, simple but makes you think.

 8 – Chest Opening

This is a surprising fact; the animation when Link opens a chest took 3 years to create! This is an iconic and unique animation that took the developer team three years of figuring to make Link open a chest by kicking it. In the end it was decided that motion capture would be used, the team did improvise though, when Miyamoto returned to the office one day he found an iron-frame chest with two items inside!


 It turned out that the LoZ team had decided that kicking the hinge of the chest first made the animation more realistic.

 9 – Hero’s Shade

If you are reading this then you are no doubt a TLoZ fan and have played the brilliant Twilight Princess installment., you would of also come across a brutal giant in armour known only as Hero’s Shade. This undead knight actually isn’t that bad a guy; he trains Link in the art of the sword. Now any fan would be intrigued as to who this mysterious guy could be.

Heros shade

Well if you have a copy of, or have read the Hyrule Historia you will see that Hero’s Shade is actually Link! He is Link from the Ocarina of Time time-line! Its amazing how everything links up.

 10 – Tree Carvings

 Lastly, in Ocarina of Time there is a carving on the outside of Link’s tree house in the KokiriForest. The carving is a picture of Link battling a colossal creature, which to me looks an awful lot like The Imprisoned from Skyward Sword!


I hope you found these hidden facts interesting and as interesting as I have!