Top 10 Indie games to get excited about in 2013!

When searching online about new games coming out its easy to get tangled up in the main stream games and forget about the gems that are indie games. The reason I love indie games is the fact they are often thought through a lot more than the mainstream games and the other thing about them is the quirkiness that indie developers embrace.

With that in mind I have put together a list of indie games I think everyone should check for one reason or another.


Gone Home

Gone home created by Fulbright studios and set in a house in the mid 90′s. You play as a girl who has just arrived back at her house. The story starts here as you piece together what is going on, searching the house you hope to find clues to guide to the answer.

gone home - image



Chris Hecker’s superb multiplayer title SpyParty has already been making waves in paid beta form, and when the final release hits it’s sure to have even more of an impact. Play as the spy, complete objectives and try not to get seen, or play as the sniper and pick out the human player in a variety of scenarios. Simple in description, deep and complex in practice, SpyParty is looking to be something to celebrate.

spyparty image


Ether One

Ether one is a First Person Episodic Adventure Game from WhitePaperGames. You are a Restorer, a gifted individual who is sent into the minds of humans who suffer mental health issues in order to piece together the structures within. Tasked with restoring the memories of a client named Jean you must explore the depths of her memories in order to rebuild the lost fragments of her life. This game is extremely unique and definitely worth a look.

Ether One image



Routine is a first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base. Your job is to find enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station. After seeing footage of this game it was clear how much effort had been put into making this game as detailed and atmospheric as it is.

Routine image



In this game your main focus is on exploring around a scary and decaying Mental Asylum. Its thought to be abandoned and you believe so too… until of course, you enter. The Building has been slowly built up with incredible detail and this combined with great story telling is a recipe for an incredible and immerse gaming experience. This title is one too keep an eye on.

asylum image


Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse

Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse was crowd funded with Kickstarter. It’s a 2D adventure game played from a third-person perspective. Via a point and click or touch user interface, the player will guide protagonists George Stobbart and Nicole “Nico” Collard. This game offers a wealth of fantastic gameplay and storyline, be sure to check this out.

Broken Sword TSC image



Having been successfully funded on kickstarter, Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth. With the ability to battle the hostile environment of intense seismic activity, meteor strikes, solar flares and the alien ecosystem, whilst maintaining the atmosphere, temperature and integrity of your base - who wouldn’t want to give this a bash?

maia image


Ir/rational Investigator

Ir/rational Investigator takes place in a town called Conjecture. Conjecture is much like your town or mine, with one important difference. Your town probably has a private healthcare system; Conjecture has a private police force. You decide how to reply and go about investigations, will you be casual and cool or sarcastic and humorous - its your call!

Ir rational Investigator image


Radio The Universe

From the mind of John S. Park, aka 6e6e6e comes a new game. A Healthy blend of Zelda and dark science fiction was the mixture in order to make this little gem. Radio the Universe is a challenging and atmospheric sci-fi game with SNES-style visuals and a sinister, offbeat narrative.

RTU image



Your inside the mind of Howard Phillips. A young graduate with no direction in life who develops an obsession with his dreams. Discover dreams and nightmares filled with puzzles and secrets to help Howard find the meaning to his life. This game is possibly one of the most exciting for me, I love the concept and everything about this game. They say “Dream’s gameplay is strongly based around exploration with games such as Yume Nikki and LSD being the initial inspiration for the concept.” and I have to say I agree.

Head on over to their website as even that is well put together:

Dream image