Xbox 360 Celebrates 10th Birthday

by Nathaniel Crossdaleon November 25, 2015
  The Xbox 360, Microsoft’s uber successful 7th generation console recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday over the weekend. The Cole was originally released via retail on November 22nd 2005. When the 360 first came out, it was an event marked as the start of HD gaming, something now commonplace in gaming today. The Xbox 360’s […]

Star Wars Battlefront Review

by Ian Cooperon November 21, 2015
There I am, crouched in deep forestry on the planet Endor, blaster fire everywhere I look. In the distance I can see my Rebel comrades toe to toe with the Imperial scum. I pick a few off to provide assistance. Then BOOM! I am dead! No warning. I didn’t even see it coming. Then I’m […]


The Most Anticipated Xbox One and PS4 Games of 2016

by Nathaniel Crossdaleon November 21, 2015
  With the 2015 year coming to a close and only a few big gems patiently waiting for their release dates as we draw nearer to the new year it feels like a right time to look at the most anticipated games for 2016. This was a great year for gaming and gamers overall who […]


SNES 25th

by AR-Cadeon November 21, 2015
The SNES, better known as the Super Famicom in Japan turns 25 years old today (11-21-15). This console was my very first video game console and it’s been a big part of my life ever since I played Super Mario World. I have a large wooden SNES controller headboard for my bed. But that’s a […]

Mario & friends


by AR-Cadeon November 20, 2015
  Nintendo of America went and opened their own eBay Store!! We’re not joking, this is true, Nintendo has over 30 items listed for sale on eBay right now. This is both Mind-blowing and surprising. What does Nintendo plan to do with this eBay Store account exactly? Well, we’re suspecting they’ll continue to offer bargains […]

Razer Diamondback and Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma Review

by Ian Cooperon November 19, 2015
Razer is formidable in the world of gaming. This small team has grew into something of a phenomenon, more so with PC gamers as their range of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets are extensive. I had the pleasure to try out and give my opinion on Razer’s Diamondback gaming mouse and the Blackwidow Tournament Edition […]

A quick note about Video Games as Art

by Michael Fitzgeraldon November 18, 2015
They are. I could leave it at that really but I think Jesse would find it hard to justify posting so minuscule an “article” to the site, so I think I’ll elaborate a bit more. I’ll be honest and say that I’m officially sick of having to argue whether games are art. Most of the people […]


The Next Xbox One Update Coming February

by Nathaniel Crossdaleon November 17, 2015
Gamers would have just received the large update recently that brought backwards compatibility to the console but Microsoft seems to already be looking into the future of the console. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra made some interesting comments in a podcast with Larry “Major Nelson” Herb. It was announced that the next big Xbox update was coming […]